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Flag of Monkecia
Motto: People, Not Profit
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Region Europe
Capital Deep Monkton
Official Language(s) Monkecian
Leader Consul Comrade Antonius Vladimir Ffyllos
Population + 5.3billion
Currency Monkecian Mark 
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Monkecia: Overview

Conventional Long Form: The First People's Democratik Socializt Republik of Monkecia

Conventional Short Form: Monkecia, or 'The Republik'

Government Type: National federal democratic republic system, incorporating democratic sub-state system with a sidelined exiled national monarchy.

Head of State: Consul Antonius Ffyllos

Government type: democratic / liberal / moralistic / consititutional socialist

Brief Laws: liberal, free, open, democratic, safe

A very democratic, laid back, socialist and principled nation which sees itself as the finest nation in Europe, set against the beautiful Monkecian Archipelago. The society, economy, moral and civil approaches are in line with Consul Comrade A. Ffyllos's teachings on International Socialism. Most industry is state-owned, but the laws recognise extensive civil rights and protect the people from governmental interference. Budding private entrepenuers operate to create a knowledge based economy of innovation and invention. Extensive public service budgets have driven standards up, injustice and inequality down. Monkecia has been described as a socialist paradise. Magical Monkecian Sacred Unicorns inhabit the forests, legend has it that these animals protect and nurture the crystal islands of Europe.

The First People's Democratic Socializt Republik of Monkecia is detailed in the NSEurope Wiki more fully.