Moo-Moo Land

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Moo-Moo Land
Flag of Moo-Moo Land
Motto: "Cow meets Kirby: The Ultimate Nation is Born..."
No Map Available Yet
Region The North Pacific
Official Language(s) English, Basic, Kirbyol
Leader Kirby
Population > 500 million
Currency Kirby 
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Moo-Moo Land was founded in late October 2004. It resides in The North Pacific, and is moderately active on the forums. Moo-Moo Land has only left its birth region of The North Pacific once, in a 8 hour move to A New Beginnning, and then a 2 day trip to Lemuria

In the second half of 2005, a group of people left Moo-Moo Land, and started a nation known as the Fantasy World Union.

One of Moo-Moo Land's puppets has founded a region, known as Kirby Moo-Moo Land's username on most forums and IRC is nish81; this often makes people he meets there confuse him with the nation of nish81, which is one of his puppets.

On January 1st, 2006, Nishant Tharani resigned as the co-leader of Moo-Moo Land, (leaving Kirby as the leader) and instead took up leadership in the Fantasy World Union.