Mooo IV

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Mooo IV (Milky Spottedcrown)
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Democratically-elected Duque of Hell Bovines
Hell Bovine
129 years old
Real Name
Milky Spottedcrown

Mooo IV is the current Duque of the nation of Hell Bovines. A reknowned figure among third world leaders and a fervant opponent of free market policies and colonialism, he has also pledged to the nations of the world to reduce world pollution and adopt more eco-friendly policies. Under his mandate, Hell Bovinian foreign relations were greatly developed and some internal chages, with the aim of liberalising civil liberties, were made. Highly esteemed by many left-wing activists both in his home country and outside, he is also regarded as a highly flamboyant character. His decision to marry his female hamster, the Duquesa Fussyball and his extreme love (described by some as an addiction) to cigars, one of his country's main exports, have not helped to improve this image.

Life and achievements

Born as Milky Spottedcrown, the current duque of Hell Bovines was a simple teenager at the time when his country went through The Bovine Revolution, its independence war. He had a minor participation in it, as meesenger between guerrilla encampments and doing minor spying tasks. At 18 years old he went, on his own decision, to military school for one year, before studying agronomics to become an engineer, at the Moo Moo Farm National University. At the same time, he begun participating in the politics of his country, which had just achieved independence. He joined the Ecotopian Party of Hell Bovines and became, at 57 years old an important deputee at the National Assembly. He was elected duque of his nation at 114 years old, following the death of the previous duque, Mooo III (Baco Rainyhorns) and had to change his name to the ceremonial title of 'Mooo IV', as the nation's customs stated.

Currently, he is still the Duque of Hell Bovines. Since his election as duque, he has developed Hell Bovines' international relations out of the previous existing isolationism. He has presided over many crucial moments of Hell Bovinian history, among them the nation's joining of the Non-Human Union, two Developing Nations Summits in Larkinia and Tanah Burung and the decision to join the International Fair Trade Agreement as well as the International Mediation Council. He has also helped the nation to forge strong alliances and friendly relations, both with the capitalist and the anti-capitalist worlds.

In internal affairs he has sponsored many controversial changes in Hell Bovinian law, such as the decision to allow all kinds of marriage, including those with non-sapient animals as well as inanimate objects and the decision to allow "Scythe Dueling", a type of Hell Bovinian duel that its intended to take place to defend someone's honour.

He has also made small changes in the economic policy of the nation, with the aim of developing more heavy industry. The changes have been small so far, but he has stated that he is planning the New Economic Policy to go further.

Preceded by:
Baco Rainyhorns
Duque of Hell Bovines Succeeded by: