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Mootish, also known as Mugido in Spanish, is the native language of Hell Bovines and the only language spoken in the country prior to the arrival of the Galdagan colonialists. It has official status in the country, alongside with Spanish. The language is an aglutinative language, similar to RL Nahuatl, since different prefixes and sufixes join to create larger words.

Most, if not all, words in Moootish are based on the sound "Moo" and its different variations, plus some added gutural sounds ("k", "t", "f"), usually at the end or the beginning of words. In addition, some words have different meaning according to how long their vowels are pronunciated.(Example: Moo(Me) and Mooooo(My house)) For these reasons is that Mootish is considered to be one of the strangest languages in the world.

Most non-speakers that hear the language for the first time swear that its impossible to distinguish it from the average cow moos. For this reason is that Galdagan and Celdonian colonialists in Hell Bovines during the XVII Century believed Hell Bovinians could speak with common animals and thus made sure their pets never had contact with Hell Bovinians.

The Mootish language today

Despite the intentions of former Aperin colonialists and missionaires to erradicate the language, Mootish is still widely spoken in Hell Bovines, specially in rural areas. The language, however, has lost a lot of ground to Spanish, and is believed than only 41% of Hell Bovinians know how to speak it. In opposition, Spanish is widely understood by almost all citizens. The school system in Hell Bovines promotes teaching in both languages, though most common hell bovinians tend to prefer Spanish for daily usage. Aware of this slow decadence to the more popular Spanish, some organizations, like the Tribal Alliance of Mootish Speakers (MOMF, in Mootish and ATMH, in Spanish) have been created with the pourpose of protecting the language, which they see as a Hell Bovinian cultural heritage.

Outside Hell Bovines the language is almost unexistant, except for some very reduced communities of Mootish speakers, located mainly in immigrant communities throughout Greenfields.

Examples of Mootish words and phrases

  • Moo = Ego, me, I
  • Mook = "I exist, I am"
  • Mooooo = My house, from Moo(me) and Ooo(nest, private place)
  • Mook Moho = "I am tall", from Mook(I am) and Moho("Tall", formed by the root words Mo(Long) and Ho(Person))

"Homookg Flook, Boomoo. Mookolish Hofmoof" = Popular saying; "Good people are rewarded, for nature is grateful with her sons"