Morgan ni Cunedda

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Grand Duchess Morgan ni Cunedda
5 January 1984
Her Royal Highness, Grand Duchess Morgan Glynis ni Cunedda, Countess of Cerny, Dame Commander of the Pantocratorian Empire
Marital Status
Married to Prince Constantine of Pantocratoria

Her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess Morgan ni Cunedda, is a member of the Danaan royal family. She is the youngest sister of High King Owain and a direct descendant of High King Rhygyfarch, the first non-aboriginal Danaan Sovereign, as well as of several prominent figures from ancient Britain.

Morgan is known for her interest in and knowledge of politics and diplomacy and for being a diligent and intelligent student. While it is rumored that Morgan wishes Pantocratoria had a genuine party of the liberal center, she is known to sympathize with the moderate faction of the United Christian Front. Her husband, Prince Constantine is a parliamentary representative of that party. In the past, Morgan carried out a number of royal duties for her brother. Now that she resides with her new husband, Morgan does not carry out any official duties for the Danaan Crown.