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Multi-pantheism - Overview

Multi-pantheism is a variation of the better known Pantheism (Greek: πάν ( 'pan' ) = all and θεός ( 'theos' ) = God - "All is God") explained by Heraclitus and better shaped by Spinoza.
In Pantheism God is immanent, that means God is in everything you refer as reality. Multi-pantheism assumes that god is not the only reality you could face or think of.
This multi-level reality is called "Fifth dimension", assumed that the "Fourh" one is Time.

God as living reality

Faith is something every human being needs to keep on living in this world/universe/reality.
Religion is the human answer to this instinct, being created by men, religion IS fallible (multi-pantheists (also called freemen) know this limitation and are aware of the fictitious structure of this thought).
Multi-pantheism is the simple answer people come up when reality enters in their perceptions.
Assuming that what freemen touch-feel-smell-taste-see-hear is reality, this everything is called and referred to as god.
Being the freemen part of the reality they live in, all of them (us all) are part of god (they ARE god). God is living through time (the "fourth dimension" after the well known 3 (height-lenght-depth)), it's freemen's interest to prosper and be good toward god, to prevent reality from decaying, collapsing or waste; in order to give god (and themselves) a future.
Just like cells, individuals are ment to die. Reality is just the craddle where human beings appear and spend their time. Every freeman is in charge of its own life and destiny (suicide, abortion and euthanasia are discussed as a free choice, not suggested).

No dogma!

Every religion tends to omnipresence or full power on its participants, multi-pantheism is and tries to remain just a simple answer, nothing more, nothing less. No dogma, then. No rules to follow except respect.
Suggestions are made by the multi-pantheistic community, discussed and then approved as a possible way to follow.
Multi-pantheism is not Anarchy, knowing that every human system is fallible (being created by imperfect human beings), the system that rules this religion is mutuated from the Bible and other religious texts "be kind to others, just as you wish others would be to you".
Selfishness is the worst aspect of a soul, it must be avoided as much as freemen can (without exceeding and castrating themselves).
Being there no dogma, the judge of every freeman is himself and other freemen (the community, as made of single beings). An individual freeman, with his/her sole way of thinking, could come up to a solution for a problem which could cause harm to other freemen, the community exists for explaining the problem to the single. The entropy carries the community to mistake, the single freeman has the right and the duty to point out every "wrong" he/she sees in other members.

Fourth, fifth and sixth dimension

As we all know: height, length and depth are the three physical and metrical dimensions every freeman can touch-feel-smell-taste-see-hear. In multi-pantheism (and everybody knows this is an hazardous assumption, no proved truth, just a mental speculation) the fourth dimension is Time.
As each axis comes from the dot in (0,0,0) and shifts the others through another dimension, time is an axis that shifts all three axis in a multiple continuous structure we tend to feel with our conscience and mind. Clocks are the meters for this dimension, as every kind of meter, clocks and calendars are just one of the way for reducing time to a comprehensible structure.
The reality we live in (and through) is just one of the possible existing realities. The fifth dimension is the cartesian axis on which realities are displayed (every dimension is impersonated by a god, that's the meaning of multi-pantheism, multiple "all is god" existing at the same time).
The difference between fifth and sixth dimension is fundamental, but less detailled. The fifth dimension is the axis that gathers all possible realities belonging to our physical laws (the ones we know and try to discover), the sixth is the hugest and comprehends all possible realities that freemen (or any kind of mind) could imagine, not strictly following our living physical laws.
Knowing that our existence is just a convergence between possibilities, freemen believe that our dimensions are not the basic or the original ones, we just follow the physical rules we rely on, other possible realities aren't built UPON ours, nobody knows which one is (or was or will be) the fundamental origin of all gods.

Everything and nothing

Every previous assumption brings to a conclusion: if everything is god, nothing is non-god.
This tautology is the base for the multi-pantheistic freedom of profession: every other religion is well accepted, as long as the people who profess it respect all other freemen.
If everything is god, nothing has to be professed, our existence already is a "yes" to the questions "is there a god?", "what's god?". That's the reason why no church, no dogma and no rules (except respect) are needed. In order to better specify this answer, freemen don't believe that "god exists because he created us", god isn't a creator, god is generated. As fast as a thought comes into mind, a god is generated.
Freemen believe that every reality is a generated reality, this one included.
Nobody knows and no freeman che think of what or who generated our reality. Everything could have started this god as much as nothing could.
Coming up to the first generator would be too difficult for freemen to comprehend, or too simple (in the end it's the same).