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Forum: Projekt Myra Forum
Population: 14 nations and growing (Oct29)
Delegate: Athanesia
Founder: Garunia
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

Myra in the Real World

This region is founded and populated by the people from the Projekt Myra online community,

The idea of ProjektMyra is this - an unlimited number of people invent, describe, storytell, paint or -if they want- simulate a nation on the ficticious world called Myra over an unlimited number of years. The whole thing has started in 1982 and has since held the attention of over a thousand people even before the Web was vivid, with over 13.000 pages printed. Myra is held mainly in the German language and welcomes any interested people, especially artists, from everywhere. In the Wikipedia you can find the historical town of Myra in the english version, and among other meanings of the name, our

Join our Y!-Group for all Discussions, Votes and News:

Join our Y!-Group for reading, writing and joining stories from Myra:

Myra in NationStates

The nations of Myra are small to large islands in the fantastic Ocean.

The region is just establishing itself and has just recently elected Athanesia as UN delegate. In NationStates you'll find Myra by following this link: Myra in NationStates

The Nations of Myra

Projekt Myra nations are

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