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NSEconomy is an economic statistics calulator for NationStates created by Commerce Heights. It allows nations to check the GDPs (Gross Domestic Products), budgets, exchange rates, and other statistics for their own and other nations, and to check the status of regions.


The NSEconomy calculator, reveals the formulae that are used.

Like (presumably) the Pipian calculator, and a number of "do it yourself" formulae discussed on the NS boards, the basis is a table listing certain "GDP/Capita" for each Economy category. However, NSEconomy does not call it GDP/Capita, but "Production." A number of mathematical transformations are done to this number, using the Population, Tax Rate, and three "fudge factors" based on Civil Rights, Political Freedoms, and the Economic level.

The use of various game-derived stats to adjust the GDP/Capita is superior to the method sometimes seen on the boards (simply Pop * Tax * a number from a look-up table); however, some people have objected to various parts of, or the entirety of, various of the NSEconomy formulae. Perhaps the most germane such objection is that the Tax Rate of the game is not used. Instead, the Tax Rate is adjusted, strongly, by two of the "fudge factors" above mentioned.

Note also that the formulae mentioned are used only for determining National Output and Consumption, Budget, Government Expenditures and Waste, Imports and Exports, GDP, and GDP/Capita. The formulae for spending on various "departments" have not been revealed.

As of Spring 2007, attempted use of NSEconomy to view national or regional statistics has returned an XML error and is not functioning. However, there is now a functioning mirror.

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