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In general, if you aren't absolutely sure, don't do it. Things can wait.

The following policies strive to keep the wiki a civil place. It is a collaborative project, and the contributors and founders have a common goal: to provide a much needed encylopedic resource for the NationStates community. The guidelines below are still evolving, but they try to provide an atmosphere where everyone can work towards the common goal. In this regard, remember that a calm and level head is much better than undue rashness -- ask another sysop who is on duty what the best course of action is and consider waiting a day before serious action is taken.


Deleting pages

Speedy deletion

Articles should not be speedily deleted unless they appear on Category:Candidates for speedy deletion and clearly meet the Speedy deletion criteria. If there is any reasonable discussion in opposition on the talk page, do not delete the page but instead change the {{delete}} tag to an {{inclusion}} tag to allow time for discussion. Please check the page history and fix any links to the page before deleting.

Regular deletion

Deletion is something that we hope to avoid here - however, it may be necessary in some cases. When an article is posted on Category:Candidates for deletion, there should be a comment in the Talk page of that article explaining the reason for deletion. After about five days, delete the article only if there is a clear consensus for deletion, noting on the Talk page of the article the action taken - if there is no consensus for deletion, note that on the Talk page as well and remove the {{inclusion}}. This can be done with the following tags at the top of the article:

  • {{subst:ConsensusToDelete|~~~}}
  • {{subst:NoConsensusToDelete|~~~}}
  • {{subst:ConsensusToKeep|~~~}}

Blocking users and dealing with vandalism

In all possible cases, blocking users should be avoided. Attempt should be made to contact the user and warn him. It is very possible a new user may be accidentally doing bad things. Absolutely warn the user in his "user talk:" page, multiple times. Even then, be cautious about blocking users because it is also possible that the new user might not notice the "new messages" at the top of the page. This is a serious action which, if carried out poorly, can adversely affect the wiki and the common goal we strive for. Please read NSwiki:Dealing with vandalism before taking any action, and please note all blocks on NSwiki:Why we blocked.

Correcting style

In striving for open content, we place very little restriction on how people choose to edit. We don't require that people even read the style guide, -- or even beg that they adhere to it. This is the job of everyone, and especially of administrators. Make sure that articles adhere to the correct naming conventions, particularly. If a page is not in compliance, merely fix the problem. If a certain user happens to be comitting the same mistake again and again, leave a message in his talk page, kindly directing him to the appropriate help pages. When moving pages, make sure to follow the guidelines at How to move a page.


I acknowledge that I have read this Administrator Guide and hereby agree to follow it.