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This page lists templates that aren't listed on NSwiki:Info boxes or NSwiki:Template messages. These are generally more advanced, larger, or used for more obscure types of pages.

Generic Method of Inserting a Template

Use the following code:

 fieldname=data |
 fieldname2=data2 |


  • Replace "TEMPLATE NAME" with the name of the template.
  • Replace each fieldname (add more if necessary) with each name enclosed in triple curly braces ( {} ).
  • Replace each data with the text or link you want to put in that field.

Infoboxes for the top of pages

All Infoboxes for Living Nations


Template:Infobox exVeteran
For use on dead and respected nationpages.


Template:Infobox DEATNation
For use on moderator-deleted nationpages.

Geographical infoboxes


This infobox is for any school (elementary, secondary, tertiary) in NationStates.


For use on religion pages.


For use on currency pages.


Used for war pages.


Used on Internet TLD pages.

Political Parties

Used on political party pages.

Footer Linkboxes

Put these at the bottom of appropriate pages. They'll add a box with links to all boxes in a certain category.

Region Linkboxes

Template:MI Nations -- Malibu Islands nations
You can create your own region linkboxes by using modified code of the above linkbox.

Language Linkbox

For use on all language pages.

Alliance Linkboxes

Template:LoSR ---League of Small Regions Organization

Currency Linkbox

For use on all currency pages


These boxes are for use on user pages. To use them, type {{Babel-x|xx|xx|xx|xx|xx|}}, where x is the number of "xx"s you've used. Each "xx" is the name of the userbox after the "user" part. For example, if the userbox was named Template: User py-1, you'd type "py-1" in place of the xx. For more advanced use, type {{subst:Babel-x|xx|xx|xx|xx|xx|}}. Then, after you save, the source code will change to the code used in the Babel box, so you can make your own userboxes.

Source Code to Make a Userbox

{{Userbox|''leftwriting/code''|''hexcodeleft''|''hexcoderight''|''rightwriting''}} The left writing or code should be a short abbreviation for what the box stands for. The right side is more detailed information.

List of Templates

Languge and Programming Userboxes

So far, there are templates to show that the user speaks/programs in several different languages. To use, replace "xx" in the Babel box with the abbreviation, a typed dash, and then a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 for your skill level: 0 being "not knowing at all" and 4 being "advanced level". For spoken (not programming) languages, use no number at all if you are a native speaker of that language. Do not use a 0 on every program or language you don't know, just on ones that people might think you know but you do not.

Supported Languages
Language Code
English en
Spanish es
French fr
Pacitalian pac
Supported Programming Languages
Programming Language Code
C c
C cpp
Python py
SQL sql
Java java

Browser Userboxes

There are some userboxes that show what brower a user uses to contribute. These are added only with the userbox code. There should not be a dash and number after the code

Supported Browsers
Browser Code
Internet Explorer ie
Mozilla Firefox fox
Konqueror khtml