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Community Portal

Speedy deletion

The following may be speedily deleted by a sysop:

  1. A user subpage, at the request of the user.
  2. An article which contains only gibberish.
  3. A page that is only created for testing.
  4. Pages created and edited by only one user, at the request of the user, provided only a short period of time has passed.
  5. A redirect that makes no sense.
  6. An unnecessary category, in accordance with NSwiki:Community decisions#Alliance Categories.
  7. A page on a former nation that meets to the following criteria:
    1. Nation is gone from NationStates. Search of The World fails. (Region page should also be checked if possible.)
    2. NSwiki page was primarily created by a single author (Categorizations, minor fixes excluded)
      1. If wiki page was created as part of a regionmate's attempt to populate all nations in the region, automatic speedy candidate.
    3. Content consists primarily of infobox and/or copy-pasted NS description.
    4. Page does not include links to other articles specifically related to that nation (such as Characters or Capital Cities). Region and language links do not count. Check for a national factbook as well.
    5. Nation does not have historic significance in NationStates. One quick way to check would be the What links here page to see if other articles have relevant cross-references to this nation. Such nations should be converted to Historic Nations per criteria on Talk:Halls of Memory.
    6. Population (if listed at all) below an agreed-upon minimum (perhaps 500 million).

To request speedy deletion, please post {{delete}} at the top of the page. Do not blank the page while doing so, as it makes more work for the sysops.

If you disagree with an article's deletion, please say so on its talk page.

Standard deletion

If you feel that an article should not be in NSwiki, please note that on the Talk page of that article (sign your name with ~~~~) - also, please put an {{inclusion}} tag on the article. Please also note the article on NSwiki:Deletion, or the administrators will not notice the request for deletion. No action will be taken on the article until a consensus is reached.