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For real-time chat with other NSwiki editors, there is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel located on the EsperNet network (irc.esper.net) — irc://irc.esper.net/nswiki. As the NSwiki article describes, this channel "is where IRC regulars can discuss the various aspects and arguments of what does and doesn't belong in NSwiki. It's a great place to come if you have questions about location, editing, or categorization. It's also been the home to lively debates about the future direction of the wiki, as well as topics surrounding NPOV and the wars and alliances of NationStates."

Channel policies

  1. All EsperNet policies (found here) must be followed in the NSwiki channel (#NSwiki). Note that the channel will not be set to +s.
  2. All regular users of #NSwiki will be voiced unless disciplinary action is being taken against them.
  3. Do not be annoying to #NSwiki channelgoers. This includes but is not necessarily limited to:
    1. Inappropriate links or discussion. If a link/discussion topic wouldn't be acceptable on the wiki, it is most likely not acceptable in channel.
    2. Flaming, flamebaiting, trolling, and other forms of harassment.
    3. Flooding without permission.
    4. Advertising spam. Note that NationStates-related topics are much less likely considered spam.
    5. Excessive caps, colored text, or other incomprehensible typing.
    6. Annoying scripts or bots. Generally, #NSwiki follows #NationStates_General's bot policy.
  4. If you have a problem with an operator's judgement, please ask either the channel founder or a super-operator politely to review the situation. However, please respect the channel operators and their judgement. Do not attempt to evade bans, as this will merely lead to them getting extended.
  5. Please use English in #NSwiki. Most users are unlikely to understand other languages.
  6. Feel free to log content on #NSwiki. It is appreciated, however, if permission is sought and granted from conversation participants before logs are published in a public forum.


As a privately operated channel, #NSwiki reserves the right to remove any user from the channel at any time for any reason and without specifying the reason. The above rules are to be enforced at the operator's discretion and as he or she deems fit. Users are reminded that the decision of the channel founder is final, and unless otherwise specified, an operator's decision should be considered consistent with the will of the channel founder. The operators of #NSwiki will not be held liable for loss, damage, death, or injury caused directly or indirectly by using this channel.

Stolen blatantly from the #Esper policy.


The NSwiki sysops are the operators of #NSwiki. Here, their job is to ensure that all users abide by the rules and that those who do not are dealt with accordingly. All users must respect operators and realise that their decision must be obeyed. Operators must also respect users and not abuse their power in any way or it will be removed. Operators are not above any of the rules specified here and must abide by them just the same as a normal user would.

The operators of #NSwiki are as follows:


There are no current bans.


Discussion of #NSwiki policies should be either mentioned in-channel (preferred) or mentioned on the IRC discussion page by clicking here.