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You do not want to Edit this page. Your nation is not "NationName"

Go to the Address Bar of your browser. Change NSwiki:NationName to your nation's name.

Not "The Most Imperial Land of My Nation"
Not "The Federated Republic of Really Cool Name"

Just your Nation's actual name EXACTLY as it appears on NationStates.

If it has spaces, (i.e. "Cookie Monster Land") leave them in.

you've still got the code you copied from the last page, right? If not, copy it again.
It's all the way at the bottom. This copy is a little cleaner for you to work with.

Now hit Enter on your keyboard, paste the Infobox code, and fill in your lovely new blank nation.

InfoBox Line by Line Instructions
{{Infobox Nation | Don't touch this line. It needs to stay exactly like it is
flag= | You can paste the URL from the NS flag right here. Go to your nation page, right-click, select Properties. Copy that URL and paste it right between the = and the |
region=[[Region]] | Replace Region with the name of your region (between the brackets).
  • Capitalization and spacing matters. Best bet is to copy it from your NS page.
motto= | Again from your NS nation page. Just copy and paste between the = and the |
map=[ ] | Unless your map is really small, use the following format for maps. It works better. Really.
[http://www.yoursite.com/map.jpg My map] |
language= | List your official language(s) between the = and the |. Many of the more common languages already have a NSwiki entry. Put brackets around them, like Deutsch, Sindarin or Russian, if you want to link to the language pages.
capital= | If you have a named capital, put it between the = and the |
  • Note: you can't change capital= to anthem= and get a space for your nation anthem. Sorry, none of them work like that. Use what's there or leave it blank. If you leave a line blank, leave the capital= there. If you remove it, it messes up the template
population= | Might as well be vague here. You're not going to come here every day to change it.
  • Note to new nations: Don't put 5 million - it marks you as a newb. Better to leave it blank.
currency= | Take this from the NS nation page. You wanna change it? OK, but change it there too.
leader= If you plan to write up your leader as a Character in the game, go ahead and set up the link now. It's better to use [[Firstname Lastname]] than [[Title Firstname Lastname]]. You can add your "Der Furher" and "Hero of the People" when you write the article.
  • By the way, this line doesn't have a | after it. That's intentional.
}} This needs to be the last line. Leave it. Start typing all the stuff you plan to say about your nation on the next line. Don't worry. Your fabulous description will still be at the top left of the page.

The infobox is created by copying and pasting the following bold text, and then filling it in.

{{Infobox Nation |
flag= |
region=[[Region]] |
motto= |
map=[ ] |
language= |
capital= |
population= |
currency= |