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Community Portal

NSwiki is a wiki, meaning anyone can edit any unprotected article and the changes are viewable immediately.

It is very easy to edit a page. Click on the Edit tab at the top of the article. You can also discuss a page on its "talk page" -- simply click the Discuss tab, and then on the new page, click the Edit tab.

Then start typing in the edit box. It is helpful if you write a short description in the edit summary box about what you changed. When finished, it is preferred if you first preview your change (click the Show preview button), and once it is satisfactory, commit the change by clicking the Save page button.

To do more advanced edits, you will need to know Wiki markup. The following article attempts to describe the most important and most commonly encountered markup, but to get a complete description, see Wikipedia:How to edit a page.

Other resources

General tips

  • Use a neutral point of view (don't advocate a particular opinion, or use the wiki to advertise)
  • Where appropriate, cite your sources
  • For longer edits, use a text editor to edit and spell check, then copy and paste back to the wiki and preview before committing the change
  • Use the What links here link to make sure all articles linking to your page have in mind the content you provided
  • Search the wiki to see if there is similar content in other articles already

The wiki markup

To practice editing without fear of harming any particular page, use the sandbox. Again, for a comprehensive list of the markup and its effects, see Wikipedia:How to edit a page.

Sections, paragraphs, lists, and lines

  • To create sections, subsections, and sub-subsections, use the following format:

==New section==

  • A single newline has no affect on the layout, but an empty line starts a new paragraph.
  • To add a linebreak, use the HTML markup, <br />
  • To create lists, use the following format:

*Lists can be
**Nested quite simply,
**Just add an extra *
# and you can create
## numbered lists too

  • Use : (a colon) to indent a paragraph
  • Bullets (*), numbers (#), and indents (:) can be mixed and matched:

*##*:#**::Something really deep in a list

Links, URLs, and images

  • Wrap an article's name in brackets [[like this]] to create a link
  • To give the link a new name use a pipe, [[like this|do this]]
  • When adding a comment to a talk page, you should sign. Three tildes (~~~) will give your username, and four tildes (~~~~) will give your username and date/time. E.g., Goobergunchia or Goobergunchia 17:19, 6 Sep 2004 (GMT)
  • To redirect an article to another page, do this #REDIRECT [[Programming]]
  • To link to Wikipedia, use this syntax: [[Wikipedia:Article Name]]
  • To create an external link, use this syntax: [http://somepage.com alternative text]
  • To add an image, use this syntax: [[Image:Wiki.png|alt text]]

Character formatting

  • Add bold formatting by using three apostrophes, '''like this'''
  • Add italics by using two apostrophes, ''like this''

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