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Community Portal

In order to get more input from the NSwiki community on important questions, it is sometimes useful to conduct a survey of community opinion. This page lists surveys or polls that are currently being held on various talk pages.

Instructions for listing surveys

Please add new opinion surveys to the list under the appropriate heading. Add a short description of what the survey is about. Note the starting date of the survey and the date the survey will end, if applicable.

After a survey period ends, it may be removed from the list (however, it should remain for at least a short time after the survey ends, to allow anyone interested to view the results). If no closing date is indicated, the survey may be removed when it appears the question is no longer being actively considered. These are not archived; to find older surveys and polls, consult the page history.

Purpose of surveys

Surveys may be used as part of dispute resolution, or to solicit opinions before making significant changes. They can be useful in developing consensus when community opinion is not immediately obvious in normal discussion. For example, a survey may bring in opinions from people who agree with one position, but don't join the discussion because they don't feel they have anything original to add.

The results of a survey are not binding, and may be subject to interpretation. A survey may sometimes be called a poll, and it may involve voting for different options, but it is not the same thing as an election.

Opinion surveys should be used to determine whether a consensus exists, not to decide which side "wins". Successful surveys and polls generate consensus, because some people who disagree will nevertheless recognize and accept the consensus opinion of the community.

Current surveys

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Policies and requirements

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Software and feature

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Conventions and formatting

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