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The Reresurrected LoD Superpower of Nanakaland
Region: The Kingdom of the Midlands
Alliance: Legion of Defense (LoD)
Motto: "The people get their freedom here!"
Map: Nanakaland Map and Geography
Official Language: English
Capital: Nanakapolis
Largest City: Port Nanaka
Other Cities: Nanakan Labs; Ostotaure
Population: > 3 billion
Currency: Nanakan (NN)
National Animal: Nanakabird
Tech Level: MultiTech
President: John Williams
Senate Majority Leader: Thomas Smith
Former Presidents: Michael J. Smith, Nalonis
Major Political Parties: Centrist, Military, Green, Libertarian
Government Makeup: Executive Branch (President, Vice President, Bureaucracy);

Legislative Branch (Senate); Judicial Branch (Supreme Court, Lesser Courts)

Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML

The Reresurrected Superpower of Nanakaland has been through a lot as a nation and will go through much more. Founded in March 2003, it has ceased to exist, been resurrected, been non-existent again, and then reresurrected recently. It has had many different types of government and has been in many different alliances. With over 3 billion people, many allies, and a good economy, it is a powerful nation. To understand it better, one needs to read its history and more details about it.


(See Also Michael Smith)

The Nanakan Empire Era (The Ancient Age of the Nanakans)

The Ancient Age of the Nanakans, known to many as the Nanakan Empire era, was a period in which elven kings ruled Nanakaland and its surrounding lands. The Nanakan Empire had conquered much of what is now Nanakaland and some of its surrounding territory and moved up to the Nanakan Desert. A long, hard conflict with the orcs of the desert led to a stalemate in which many humans died. The once kind elves seemed more and more like oppressors as the conflict raged on.

Finally, a rebellion of the humans was sparked. Many humans had died in the Northern Desert Wars, but not many elves, thus increasing unrest. The elves were badly outnumbered by the humans. After the rebellion and costly war, the empire collapsed. The elves lived quiet lives in the Nanakan Forest and the humans became humble farmers. The population declined to one-eighth of the empire's population and they lived in isolation for years until the next age.

The Intermediate Era (The Silent Age of the Nanakans)

The Nanakan people were tolerant and after the war lived with the elves in harmony while the orcs retreated out of the desert, which remained empty for a long time. The Nanakan people established two towns, Nanakapolis and Port Nanaka, but remained scattered across the plains. The Silent Age had begun.

The Nanakan people built the Government Castle in Nanakapolis and changed their language from Nanakan to Latin. They created a Senate, in which the sign still is there above the Senate Chamber - SENATVSNANAKVS (which is literally Nanakan Senate in classical Latin). However, famine, which decreased its population to half of what it was, led to the British invasion and subjugation of the Nanakan people after just seven years of the Nanakan Republic. The loyalists to the republic fled to the Nanakan Forest to live with the elves for decades to come.

The Colonial Era (The Revolutionary Age of the Nanakans)

The British Empire defeated the simple Nanakan people and established a colony there. The swamplands were a place of refuge for the Nanakan people, but the British destroyed it and turned it into wastelands where no one could live. All looked over for the Nanakan people.

In the early 19th century, the British Empire was weaker and they could no longer provide the human resources needed to manage the Nanakan Dominion. Loyalists to the Senate surrounded Government Castle and the British fort across the street (later renamed to Fort Nanaka). The British surrendered without an actual conflict and left the land of the Nanakan peoples (later Nanakaland). More national disasters and the first two world wars stopped Nanakaland from becoming a mainstream nation. However, some of the benefits from the British were the English language and the Christian religion, two of the things that shaped Nanakaland.

The First Age of Nanakaland (The Democratic Age of the Nanakans)

[RL Time: March - June 2003]

The Nanakan's homeland was abandoned, but refugees created a Republic of Nanakaland in the Black Sea region and joined the Black Sea alliance (a force that helped cause World War 4). Nanakaland moved around regions and alliances during the actual WW4 until it was crippled and collapsed.

The Second Age of Nanakaland (The Resurrected Age of the Nanakans)

[RL Time: November 2003 - June 2004]

Brought back later, the Second Age was Nanakaland's most glorious one. The Nanakan people returned to the ancestral homeland and repopulated the nation. Nanakaland grew a lot and formed many alliances with other nations (and made a defensive organization called the Legion of Defense). Port Nanaka grew from a small town to a bustling city. Nanakaland was in the Kingdom of the Midlands region and prospered until it was suddenly destroyed by an accident of a mad scientist, thus ending Nanakaland's longest era.

The Third Age of Nanakaland (The Reresurrected Age of the Nanakans)

[RL Time: November 2004 - Present]

Nanakaland was frozen and became a giant glacier. However, it melted and the Nanakan people prepared to have a new election. The Underground, was group of people who lived underground in bunkers through the years when Nanakaland was frozen and thought that they should try to secretly rule Nanakaland. President Michael Smith was assumed dead after an "accident" lighting the bunker on fire during a briefing [although he is secretly alive]. President Michael Smith is a war hero from the early days of the First Age of Nanakaland. He is part-elven and is immortal (can't die of old age, hard to kill, but not 100% immortal). He has been President, winning elections (most of them in landslides) since the later days of the First Age. He has finally decided not to run again this election (just before the bunker accident), so the election was close. Nalonis, an elf, was the interim president who was running for the Centrist Party in the upcoming election. A civil was on the horizon and after that, no one knew what would happen to the nation. The Legion of Defense (LoD) was brought back and a regime change was on the horizon.

After voter intimidation and the slaughter of innocent elves in Ostotaure, the Libertarian candidate John Williams managed to win. However, the Senate was Centrist-dominated and growing even more centrist. An accident involving a Nanakan submarine, in which several senators were aboard, led to the 2/3 majority of the Centrist Party. After that, tensions grew between the Senate and the president. The Senate was kicked out and met in Port Nanaka. Military loyalties were divided and the Senatorial Guard was created to counter the president-loyal Nanakan Elite Special Forces units.

Incited by the Underground, the elves (who didn't know that it was the Underground that destroyed Ostotaure) decided to rebel. Only a small fraction of the forest elves (which is a fraction of the elven population) actually rebelled, but it was significant enough. The rebuilding Ostotaure remained secret, even when the Centrist General Gage searched for it. The People's Accepted and Treasured Rights In Our Time Defenders (PATRIOT Defenders) became another side in the division. The PATRIOT Defenders had no army, but they did have massive support in Nanakan Labs. The Underground also was a side, but they used terrorist attacks and manipulation more than fighting.

Fighting broke out between the Senate and president forces outside of Nanakapolis. While this first battle was going on, a leader of the PATRIOT Defenders was assassinated by the Underground causing a fight between the PATRIOT Defenders' angry mob, presidential "peacekeeping" forces, and the Underground's guerrilla and terrorist forces in the streets of Nanakan Labs. Meanwhile, the third city of Port Nanaka was not left untouched. Elven forces raided an armory to get weapons, but they were discovered and soon Senate forces and Port Nanakan police started fighting. The head of the defending military force was an elf, probably more for PR reasons than anything else.

The three battles ended with mixed results. Presidential loyalists fled Port Nanaka, the elves barely escaped (many did not make it) and with not enough weapons, and all but a small portion of Nanakapolis fell into Senate hands. The Underground was stopped and its leader, barely surviving, left Nanakaland for Great Freedom. As former president Michael Smith moved toward Nanakapolis secretly, four armies moved to Nanakapolis, too. The presidential reinforcements, elven rebel forces, PATRIOT Defenders' militia, and Senate reinforcements clashed in a giant battle for Government Castle and Fort Nanaka (as well as the nearby Fort Watson).

It took the actions of Michael Smith to help end the conflict, but only him revealing to the public that he was still alive was what ended it. However, the tensions remained and a larger civil war is still on the horizon, a war that could end the Third Age of Nanakaland...

The First, Second, and Third Ages were actually RPed in NationStates, all the others were before NS. The Second Age and the Third Age have a parallel with future tech. For more information on the special tech level that blends fantasy, future tech, and modern tech, see MultiTech.

Language, Races, Religion and Currency


The language of the Nanakan people has changed greatly. It was originally Nanakan, an ancient language which had some Elvin influence (after all, when the language was at its height, elves ruled Nanakland). Much about this ancient language has been forgotten. Few speak this old language.

Latin was the second language. It was brought from traders during the time of the Nanakan Empire, but it only took effect after its fall. Although it had a relatively short time as the main language, Latin was a far more influential language on the Nanakan people. In the first republican form of government, the Nanakan people spoke this language. Many historic documents in Nanakaland are written in this ancient language.

English took affect during the British subjugation. While Latin remained an important language for some time, eventually Latin faded out and today English is favored (even to the Roman Catholic populations). English is very much a global language and Nanakaland is one of the nations that use it.


The Nanakan people identify themselves as Nanakan, nothing more or less. However, the racial breakdown of Nanakaland is as follows:

73% White; 12% Black; 5% Elvin; 10% Other

All of that is general, as many Nanakans are mixed. Nanakans are very tolerant of others' racial backgrounds and tend to identify themselves as Nanakan, not of any race in particular. Minorities have equal rights.


Nanakaland is a devout country. Church attendance is high and many non-religious Nanakans still can identify with some religion.

77% Christian (33% Protestant, 32% Catholic, 12% Nondenominational/Other Christian); 8% Athiest/Agnostic; 5% Elvish Religions; 3% Jewish; 3% Muslim 1% Hindu; 1% Buddhist; 2% other

Despite a Christian majority, Nanakans are very tolerant of others' religious affiliations and all religions are treated equally. There is no state religion because this would discriminate against the others.


The official currency of Nanakaland is the Nanakaland Nanakan. It used to be shared with its colonies, but before the reresurrection, all colonies dissolved. The Semi-Autonomous City-State of Nanakan Labs, located in the middle of the Nanakan Highlands, shares this currency.

National Description

This is commentary on the national description found at the nation's page.

The barren, inhospitable landscape they are referring to is the wastelands and desert (see map and landscape), which makes up roughly half of the nation. What they mean by devout is over half of the country has a religion. The funding of terrorist organizations is not true and is really UN propaganda due to some anti-UN comments I have stated recently. The rest is pretty much obvious for one to decipher.

To see some of Nanakaland's UN rankings through out history, go to Nanakaland's UN Rankings Article.


The Nanakan Military is a ten million man military that keeps order in Nanakaland and the Commonwealth.

Military Divisions

All military is modern tech with the exception of those marked otherwise. These are general divisions, the real military is a lot more detailed.

  • Military (10 million)
    • Army (5 million)
      • Homeland Army (1 million)
      • Colonial Guard (1 million)
      • Reserves (3 million)
    • Navy (2 million)
      • Homewater Defenders (.5 million)
      • Colonial Patrol (.5 million)
      • Lower Navy (.5 million)
      • Upper Navy (.5 million)
    • Air Force (1 million)
    • Nanakaland Space Command (NSC) Military (2 million) - (F)
      • Space Force (1 million) - (F)
      • Space Navy (1 million) - (F)

Nanakan Commonwealth Nations

In recent years, the Nanakan Commonwealth has been restored. They are all semi-autonomous (except Nanakaland, which has full sovereignty) and some (but not all) share the currency, Nanakan. They share the same military (which is based primarily in Nanakaland) and all Commonwealth nations follow the Nanakaland government.

The Nanakan Commonwealth nations are Nanakaland, Nanakan Labs, NBC, and MSNBC.

Nanakan RPs

Third Age

The Third Age of Nanakaland spans from after the second resurrection to the present. Unfortunately, this is the earliest age of Nanakan RPs. The rest have been lost to time.


The Reintroduction RP was done shortly after Nanakaland returned to NationStates. It brings Nanakaland into the Third Age as the president retires. This also (briefly) fills in the gap of time between the Second and Third Ages.

Dawn of the Third Age

The three Dawn of the Third Age RPs were done parallel to each other. The Road to Division and the Underground Goes International tie into each other frequently while A Second Scream in Space covers the future tech range of Nanakaland and thus is not as linked with the others.

Third Nanakan Civil War

Next in Nanakaland's RPs comes the Third Nanakan Civil War. It actually started with The Road to Division (also categorized in the previous category. The civil war will run at the same time as the Journey series, but the Third Nanakan Civil War started sooner and will end earlier and thus is categorized earlier.


A Journey to the Edge of the Universe is an epic 11-part future tech series by Nanakaland. This massive adventure will span through at least two ages of Nanakaland. Will the fleet ever get home?

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