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This article deals with Nation as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Nations of the NS World.

A nation is created by a player by filling in a form after pressing the 'create a nation' button at The newly created nation is then 'born' with a population of five million inhabitants in one of the Pacific regions. It may remain there or move to another region.

As the most basic aspect of the game, nations can alter their government and economy by making choices on 'issues', and by joining the United Nations and voting on resolutions. Nations may also send telegrams to other nations, add a flag to their banner, and a number of other activities.

The nation page contains all the information you need to play the basic game, but there are many more options available. You can engage in regional politics, discuss anything and everything on the forums, or get involved in the gameplay or roleplay aspects of NationStates.

Structure of a Nation's Page

  • UN Category, which is determined by the government style, initial quiz questions, and responses to issues.
  • The descriptors Civil Rights, Economy, and Political Freedoms, which are not directly related to the UN Category.
  • The description of the nation.
    • The first sentence is mostly randomly generated, with a particularly strong issue determined by the strongest quiz answer.
    • The second sentence is determined by the UN category.
    • The rest of the text is determined by the quiz and issues, with the industries and existance of "lush forests" chosen at random.

All three parts of the page change as you play the game, depending on how you respond to issues.

Former Nations

Some nations don't last, either because they have not been logged into for more than 28 days (60 days if the nation is in vacation mode), or because the player behind the nation has indulged in one or more violations of the NationStates rules. Nations that have been deleted due to inactivity, and which have not been resurrected in Lazarus, are sometimes recorded in our Halls of Memory. Those that have been deleted due to rules violations may end up in our Hall of Ex-Nations.