National Party of the Republic

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National Party of the Republic
Baranxtim, Asuantim, Nidajim.
Baranxtiman, Asuanituan, Nidajian.
Party Leader
House of Moon Leader
House of Sun Leader
Apanasi Idenitu Legimi
Apanasi Idenitu Legimi
6 Pritη Kuggu Esabe
2-ΩN-420 Nei
Political Ideology
National Conservatism

The National Party of the Republic was once the major party of Baranxtu, but is now the second smallest fraction in the Baranxtuan Parliament after the Conservative Party of Our Holy Tradition.

It is currently doubted whether the party will continue to exist after it was reduced in the 2004 elections to just 77 seats from 140 after the 2000 elections. Rumors about the party's likely dissolution grew even louder when it was able to get only 13 seats in the Baranxtuan legislative elections, 2006.