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The National Sovereignty Organization (NSO) is an international organization composed of diverse group of nations who wish to change the NationStates United Nations (UN) through education and legislation that promotes and/or ensures a respect of national sovereignty by the UN, particularly in the area of domestic policies. The NSO was formed from the ashes of the National Sovereignty Coalition, an organization with very similar goals that unfortunately failed due to inactivity on the part of the Administrator.


The supporters of National Sovereignty and members of the NSO are usually referred to as sovereigntists. The membership is composed of nations with a variety of perspectives on national sovereignty, with some members choosing to advocate absolute sovereignty, others choosing to advocate limited sovereignty, and many who have very specific criteria regarding what constitutes sovereignty and to what extent the NationStates United Nations should respect it. The Members of the NSO are:




Still Active

Ceased to exist

NSO Legislative Projects

The following resolutions and failed proposals were drafted in whole or part with the cooperation of NSO members:

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