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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #NationStates_Gameplay.
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The #NationStates_Gameplay IRC Channel was first founded by Husky, just for the heck of it, who later let it lapse. It was then refounded by Unfree People, and she too let it last. It was then refounded yet again by NationStates, who after accidently relasing his password, panicked, and dropepd his nick, deregging the channel. It was finally refounded for what looks to be the last time by NationStates, who has maintained the channel since.

The channel's record recorded number of users is 15, most of whom are Alliance Defense Network Members. All except for three of the ops are ADN members, the exceptions being Qaaolchoura, aka NationSates, the channel founder, Ars_Longa, and Unlimited, an aop and the delegate of the Pacific. Qaaolchoura claims that this is a function of the number of ADN members regularly on the channel, and that were he to get more Pacificans on the channel as regular users, their representation in the AOPs would increase proportionately. Additionally, Unfree People the ADN's prior owner was the only ADN AOP originally, with Goobergunch joining the ADN after the fact, and Crazy girl being added as a reward for her devotion to builing the channel.

#NationStates_Gameplay Operators

The #NationStates_Gameplay channel founder is:

The #NationStates_Gameplay channel super operators(SOP)s are:

The #NationStates_Gameplay channel automatic operators(AOP)s are: