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Flag of Nedalia
Motto: To Live Freely is to Prosper.'
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Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Kafra
Official Language(s) Nedalian, English
Leader Yasmine Dala'a
Population Approximately 3.5 Billion
Currency Kafraleon 
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Nedalia has, throughout its history, been filled with stories of mystic, mystery, valor, honor, death, and life. However, very little is known to the outside world about its past before it broke out of the isolationism it was under, but recently, the government has made efforts to slowly tell of Nedalia's history prior to its international arrival.

Since officially joining the Atlantian Oceania, economically and politically, there has certainly been no lack of action. Almost immediately after declaring the end to its self-imposed isolationism, a minor battle broke out in what is known as the Southern Islands against a nation called The Holy Saints, ending after 2 days thanks to a hastily agreed cease-fire.

Threat from the west did not cease, however; a nation called Latao posed as a direct threat to the Nedalian people, which eventually led the nation to join the invasion of the country, leading to the capture and annexation of The Western Territories. Shortly after that, the country became one of the founding members of the Strategic Defense League, currently the most powerful alliance in the Atlantian Oceania region.

The formation of the SDL, coupled with the death of Starblaydia leader Tiberius Starblayde, lead to a rise in tension in the region. Nedalia's first president, Andrew Bren, passed away amidst the escalating tensions, which finally burst into a full regional war when Starblaydia declared war on Nedalia's SDL ally, The Lowland Clans.

To read more about Nedalia's history in detail, please visit: Nedalia History.



Kafra: The capital city of Nedalia.

Aanjar: The 2nd largest city in Nedalia, located in the Shamsa Desert.


The Nedalian government, since forming after the Ezzeddine monarchy handed power to the people, has been a full-fledged democracy, with elections held for the Presidency every 5 years. There is no limit on how many times a person can run for the title; as long as people are voting him/her into power, he/she will continue to serve.

All elections in Nedalia are done in the same format; that is, the people directly vote whatever candidate for whatever position into it. Elections are held for the following titles: President, Ministers, and Members of Parliament. The idea that the people have full control over who is put into office is held very dear, and it is the firm belief of the nation that the Nedalian people remain the ones responsible for their representation in the government.

The current President is Yasmine Dala'a, only the 2nd person to serve as Nedalian president, having taken the helm through national elections after Andrew Bren fell fatally ill and passed away.

For more information on the Nedalian government, please visit the following site: Nedalian Government.

This page features all one needs to know about embassies, consulates, and contacts in Nedalia and abroad: Nedalia Political Contacts.


Nedalia Ground Army: All the equipment and statistics on the NGA.

Nedalia Air Force: Patrolling and protecting the Nedalian skies.

Nedalia Navy: Find out all about the Nedalian Navy in all its glory.

Nedalia Guerilla Militia: The Nedalian special forces; although they excel at guerilla warfare and just about everything else.





Nedalia Airlines

A very important aspect of Nedalian life revolves around travel. With the government directly responsible for this national airline, it has been one of the top priorities to develop the airline as best they can. The direct link is here: Nedalia Airlines.

Gallery of Treasures

The Gallery of Treasures is a huge showcase gallery opened in Kafra for the public. It features treasures from around universe, whether from nations, people, or regions.

  • IMPERIAL KNIFE OF TOCROWKIA: A knife which symbolizes royalty in Tocrowkia, it worn by all royal figures in that nation. They take atleast 3 years to make, and they are made of an extremely high quality carbon stainless steel. The infamous Snake Symbol of Tocrowkia has been etched into the knife by laser. It is estimated to be about 20 inches in length. Just a gorgeous piece of art. It was offered by Tocrowkia to leaders of the universe who were interested in the Year of 1 AFN.

  • THE HING SWORD: Presented to 1st President Bren in the 2nd year of his presidency (2 AFN). The Hing Sword is made up purely of the mineral Hing, and it was presented to him to congratulate him on funding the discovery and research of the resource. It also represents the first object to be made from the material, it symbolizes the presidency of the 1st President.

The Western Territories

All you need to know about the Western Territories.

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