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In the second year of Nedalia's existence, it was announced that a League of football teams would be formed, as the first stage in the development of professional sporting in Nedalia. The formation of the Nedalian Premier League was announced with much interest to the world, and indeed, the nations of the international community had a fair part to play in its creation. Twenty teams were fielded initially to form the League, and their sponsorship was opened to companies of the world, which it, was projected, would help immensely to economically support the teams, providing them a financial basing which would ensure the continuity of the League for decades to come. In addition, the Jeruselem Government News corporation was given exclusive broadcasting rights to the matches of the League, allowing for the League to be viewed domestically around the world.

Year by Year Review

Teams of the League

The following twenty teams have all been entered to play in the first season of the Nedalian Premier League. Teams listed are given with their nicknames, and the town or city in which they are based.

Andestranne FC - Falcons (Andestranne): Sponsored by Falasturian company Jelavra Finances.

Aanjar FC - Aye Ayes (Aanjar): Owned by 3wide Designs of Vilita.

Brickell United - Eagles (Brickell): Sponsored by Spruit Inc - Spruitland

Bronkstone FC - Hawks (Kafra) : Sponsored by Hypocrian company Shangri-La Resorts.

Captera Athletic - Wildcats (Captera) : Owned by Chicanadian company Bishop FC.

Carlesa FC - Condors (Carlesa): Sponsored by Falasturian company Imperial Universal.

Dorpar AC - Cheetahs (Dorpar) : Owned and sponsored by Krytenian sportswear firm JMC.

Edensanne United - Coyotes (Edensanne) Owned and sponsored by InaXs Corporation of Hockey Canada

Groftanne AC - Gorillas (Groftanne)

Honsfield Athletic - Sharks (Honsfield) : Owned and sponsored by Starblaydi company Orcinus.

Kimstronne FC - Foxes (Kimstronne)

Momesta AC - Zebras (Momesta) : Sponsored by Falasturian company Imperial Construction.

Nurpert AC - Tigers (Brickell)

Porasse FC - Bulldogs (Porasse)

Rappor FC - Rhinoes (Rappor)

Riviera FC - Canaries (Berrilane) : Owned and sponsored by Drakcorp of Spaam

Shoreland United - Panthers (Kafra) : Owned by Falasturian leader Emperor Matthew VI.

Strundanne AC - Lonestars (Strundanne)

Woodston FC - Cougars (Woodston)

Zupera United - Buffaloes (Zupera)

Player Records

Other Premier League Information

- Awards History : The History of the Nedalia Premier League Awards.

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