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The Nederland awards is a small award show held in the region Nederland. It works just like other a regular award show. It has categories and nominees. It's held annually, but 2004 is it's first year. Soon there will be more info like Categories and Nominees and even the winners.

And The Winners of 2004 are:

Most Active New Person: The Blaatschapen aka Sheeping Hollow
Best Embassy: The secret of Donkeys, maintained by our delegate Archoz
Worst Moment: The Exposion of Baarle-Hertog, a former delegate, who was a spy.
Best Moment: The Liberation of The North Pacific in which Ballotonia aka Free4All played a very large role
Most Annoying Discussion: Klopstokia about the way our democracy works
Funniest Post: Ballotonia about the dutch language
Most Active Nederlander: Ballotonia
Best Debating Person: Ballotonia
Best Combination of Name, Flag and Motto: Bagheeria
Best Delegate: Bagheeria

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