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Nation: Tiberian Destiny
Function: Capital
Population: ca. 500,000 humans(estimated by UN), unknown number of tiberium lifeforms
Leader: Nod Garrison Commander Keith "The Scorpion"

Philadelphia was the largest city in Pennsylvania at the end of the 20st century. The city was colloquially referred to as Philly, and known as The City of Brotherly Love (from Greek: Φιλαδέλφεια, "brotherly love" from philos "loving" and adelphos "brother"). It was the fifth most populous city in the United States Of America.

After the destruction of the city by a Tiberium meteor storm in 1995, it was deserted for most of the early 21st century, before it was reclaimed by Number 13, declaring himself emperor and making the city, officially renamed "Imperial Tiberian City Of Neo-Philadelphia", his capital.

Several of the city's notable buildings can still be seen as ruins today.

Before Europeans arrived, the Delaware (Lenape) Indian town of Shackamaxon was located where Philadelphia now stands, specifically the Germantown neighborhood, why the city is frequently named Shackamaxon in military coding.