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Neogaianism is a form a religion that started in Seoshackdak and quickly spread to become the dominant religion in that nation. It is based on the teachings of Ano, a refugee from the old empire of Shackadak. This is considered by most as a very unorganized religion, as it has no leader or any place of worship.


Followers of this faith deny the existance of a god and they do not believe in an actual afterlife. To the believers of this religion, nothing is born and nothing dies. Instead, it is believed that everything is living in a sleep-like state and that everyone drifts from one dream to another. They interpret this to mean that things "die" into a new dream where they are "born", without the hint of a past life.

Neogaianism stresses communal behavior in which everything is to treat everything else equally. If one person hurts another person it is believed by the followers that both will inevitably suffer. One key part of this faith is tolerance and giving charity to the less fortunate.

Because Neogaianism doesn't give a strict rule to living life, its believers are generally free to determine their own interpretation. However several things are constant from interpretation to interpretation:

  • Lemmings are respected
  • To convince one to convert is frowned upon
  • Anger is the quickest way to corruption
  • Nothing is property

It is believed by most Neogaianists that everything has a spirit (feels love, hate, anger, happiness, ect.) and that meeting one's needs benefits not only the individual, but society in general. These needs very from interpretation to interpretation, but usually include at least food, water, shelter, and peace.

Followers believe that there are certain feelings that lead to a better world with more solidarity. These are, in order from highest to least importance:

  • Peace
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Sympathy

According to Neogaianism, these feelings lead to unity with the world and a better life free from hate, which is the feeling Neogaianists avoid.

God, or the Lack Thereof

In relation to a "god", most followers would simply deny the existance of any such entity, since the idea of a supernatural entity that serves as supreme domination is against the faith. However, a key figure in the religion stated that god was essentially the universe, and that "God" is really emotions such as love, hate, tolerance, happiness, saddness, and so forth.

"We are the dream, and we are the dreamers," wrote Ano, which is interpreted by many to mean that existance itself is defined by one's own imagination. By this view, people (and anything else in the universe) can change the world for the better (or worse) by themselves. To do this, followers often meditate or think positively while trying to define thier own existance.

Neogaianism in the Region Today

Although there is much arguing between the other religions Under Antarctica, most Neogaianists manage to stay neutral. The only documented case of violence connected to this religion was in the election of 2005, when a NCF politician was elected. He was assinated by Neogaianists who saw him as a large threat to their contentedness. Three of the five assassins were imprisoned for life in Nisovia, the other two were give twenty-five (25) years in the same prision.

Currently, Neogaianism is only practiced in The People's Republic of Seoshackdak and the Community of the Working Person