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Nuigilio, (Neugiler in English) is the main religion of Riegab, it is slightly similar to Buddhism but has its differences. Mainly it works in a cycle, first your borne to this world and you live your life, if it is deemed worthy you go to heaven, if not, you are reborne into this world which is thought of as hell. The reason this is hell is because of all the suffering around us, and genneraly it is percieved that good natured people die young and evil people die at an older age although this is obviously not proven. All of the beliefs of this are mainly based off of the scientific findings saying that there is another dimention on this world.


"Sirius" is, not so much a god as is just a regular person, he was the original leader of the religion, he is whom you will be compared against when one dies, as in, all should try the best they can to follow his teaching. His name in Rigavie Sutanio is "Siriusi"

Enilie Retufio

"Enilie Retufio" is the period of time from when you die to when you are judged. This is the time when everything you have done in your life will be compared to that of Sirius. Although there is no higher being per se, it is thought that there is a system, like Karma, called Onuoti (meaning good works) that comes into play in deciding.


"Nevakio" is heaven, if your life is deemed as a full life and one of goodness you will go here for the rest of eternity, to live in a perfect world. In a sence, it is just like earth, but in a different dimension, similar to being a ghost if you will, you are here, but you are still distant. This has been backed up by science on many occasions, it is a perfect explanation for other dimensions, thus, different layers of heaven, so to speak.


This is when you are rebourne upon "Lekio", the world we are in now, the representation of hell.

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