New ArAreBee

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New ArAreBee
Flag of New ArAreBee
Motto: "Do as Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law"
Official Map of Mars
Region The Planet Mars
Capital TeeGeBee City
Official Language(s) ArAreBeen.
Leader President and CEO DeForrest Palmer
Population Unknown; Variable
Currency AreGeeBee ($1.933) 
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New ArAreBee is one of the three elder Martian nations and while it is no longer the political power it once was it is still historically and economically significant. It is also the 'original' Martian nation as ArAreBeen's were one of the few species to evolve sentience on Mars rather than those that evolved elsewhere and colonized. Now it is an economic titan: A nation devoted to pure capitalism as both an economic and government concept.


ArAreBee's are a variation on the standard 'Grey' alien. They have thin bodies and large heads with squared off fingers and triple 'pronged' feet. While the majority of the population are ArAreBeen there is a significant population of humans, elves, and other common Martian species.


Early History

The earliest history of ArAreBeen civilization is relatively unknown even by the nations closest to them. Even much of what they 'know' is informed conjecture and speculation based on archeological findings, conversations with officials, and interpreted records of other nations and civilizations.

Perhaps one hundred thousand years ago the first ArAreBeen's achieved sentience somewhere under the rusty surface of Mars and began to build their civilization. For tens of thousands of years it flourished and advanced technologically and socially. At some point the entire civilization was forced to leave Mars for colony worlds outside of Sol. The reason for this is not known but there is speculation that it may have been because of particularly intense solar flares, competition from one of the other Martian species, or simply more fertile economic opportunities elsewhere. Even as they left Mars the ArAreBeen's continued to watch and monitor it and the other planets of our solar system.

(As a side note much of this monitoring apparently took the form of abductions for experimentation and examination of early and not-so-early humans. While this hasn't been confirmed by any NRRB government the exact match between NRRB combat skimmers and 'flying saucers' as well as the appearance of ArAreBeen's themselves is unignorable evidence.)

When humans and near-humans began to spread across Sol the ArAreBeen government decided that the system represented a hugely lucrative potential market and began plans to re-locate their corporate operations to their old homelands. A colony was re-established and contact made with the new inhabitants. When they were well-established cooperation with Sunset's SDF resulted in the return of most of their heavy industry to Mars and the complete re-building of their presence there.

Modern History

The modern history of New ArAreBee revolves in large part around the changing nature of the central government and it's relationships with the other elder Martian nations, Sunset and Mangala. Unlike the other two nations New ArAreBee has been considered something of a loose cannon in Martian politics. While it has participated in organizations that have been established to contribute to geo-political stablitity it has frequently acted at odds with those goals by openly suppling military hardware, mercenaries, and information to unstable powers. Certainly this coincides with the capitalist goals of the central government but outside observers have frequently commented that it would seem to endanger long term profits by edging the Martian sphere closer to planetary scale destruction.

Many of these events have been followed by a buyout or restructuring within CentGovCo. A radical restructuring followed CentGovCo supplying mercenaries to Auman in the first Hellespontes War, a buyout followed Operation Roundhammer and it's fallout, and the most radical change occured just before the Volaria Event. During this period of economic instablity control of CentGovCo was purchased by CityDome, a Sunset-based megacorp, which owns and operates roughly half of the mega-arcologies inside Sunset. Due to the contracts in place this effectively transfered sovereign control of New ArAreBee to CityDome. Because CityDome is a public corporation headquartered in Sunset and thus subject to the laws and protections of that state New ArAreBee has effectively become a corporate territory of Sunset.


The government of New ArAreBee is an interlaced conglomeration of corporate entities in charge of one or more areas. Each has the ultimate goal of making a profit off goods and services they offer to the citizens and other government corporate entities. In it's current incarnation CentGovCo, a wholely owned subsidiary of CityDome (A corporation based in Sunset), acts as a coordination, mediation, and liason agency. It generates much of it's income through citizen registry fees, regulation approval fees, and a host of other seemingly trivial transactions.

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OOC Notes

The player behind NRRB occasionally returns to NationStates for short periods and thus the nation is RP'ed as being in a state of corporate flux to allow for these returns while keeping the nation viable for other roleplaying activities.