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New Britannian Empire
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Population: 88 nations
Delegate: Noble Britannian
Founder: New Britannian Kingdom
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The New Britannian Federation


World Factbook Entry

Capital region of the New Britannian Federation

Founded 19/6/06

Proud Members of the New Britannian Monarchic Union

New Britannian Empire is ruled with an iron fist by the King of the New Britannian Kingdom. This elegant cluster of nations is loyal to Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. The regional currency is the New Britannian Pound. The regional anthem is Rule Britannia. One of three regions in the New Britannian Federation, including New Britannian Imperium and New Britannian Utopia.

Record Population: 88


New Britannia and the Civil War

New Britannia, which is now a protectorate of New Britannian Empire, was founded by King James Richard I. When the King was assassinated during the Civil war, foreign invaders from a now non-existant nation took control of New Britannian and it become a colony. King James' son, King Caleb I, under the guidance and encouragement of his Great Uncle, Duke James of Balmoral, raised an army against the invaders and defeated them. In 2006 he was coronated and founded the modern New Britannian Empire on the continent off the coast of New Britannia. Most loyal citizens moved to the new region, New Britannian Empire, directly after it's creation.


In the early days, New Britannian Empire had very little structure in the government. It was ruled by the King alone. Duke Matthew of Grand Leeds, who is considered the father of New Britannian politics, presented to the King the idea of creating a parliament and electing a Prime Minister. This parliament later developed from a unicameral parliament to a bicameral one with the House of Commons, which was elected, and the House of Lords, which was appointed. In 2007, both Houses of Parliament were appointed by the King. In the same year, a bill, suggested by Duke Matthew, was passed making the Prime Minister position partisan and the Conservative Party was Founded by Duke Matthew. The Labour Party would be founded by Duke Anthony of Ant Swain and later still the Royalist Party by Duke Benedict of Noble Britannian.Today New Britannian Empire is still an absolute monarchy with a powerful king as head of state and a prime minsiter as a figure head. In fact, New Britannian Empire is considered the most powerful monarchy in the Nationstates world.


New Britannian Empire once had two satelite regions known as New Britannian Protectorate and New Britannian Haven which have recently ceased to exist, but the empire is still strong, and is growing ever stronger. New Britannian Empire has replaced New Britannian Protectorate and New Britannian Haven with New Britannian Imperium and New Britannian Utopia. Cransley later joined the empire as a duchy under Duke Benedict.
New Britannian Empire is an invader/defender region. Because it has an active founder, New Britannian Empire has only been invaded once when His Majesty, King Caleb I was visiting New Britannian Imperium and Hive tried to take revenge for foiling their invasion of GREATER ANTARCTICA, one of NBE's allies. Recently New Britannian Empire has declared war with Riordonia, a supposedly democratic region with a dictator. New Britannian Empire has benefited from the war, gaining Fondor and West Riordonia.


New Britannian Empire is located on the West side of the New Britannian Continent with New Britannian Imperium, Cransley, and New Britannian Utopia to the East. The island of Fondor is located off the coast of New Britannian Utopia and New Britannian Imperium. The island of New Britannia is located south of the south western coast of New Britannian Empire and is connected to the continent by a tunnel that runs beneath the New Britannian Channel. Ten islands lie to the south of New Britannian Empire and New Britannian Imperium. These islands are private property of the New Britannian Crown. Cransley is a penninsula that branches off of New Britannian Utopia into the New Britannian Sea. Within the sea are three island that are considered part of New Britannian Imperium. The River Imperial runs from the New Britannian Sea along the border between New Britannian Utopia and New Britannian Imperium until it reaches the ocean. There are several islands along the north coast of New Britannian Empire and all are considered part of New Britannian Empire. In the west of New Britannian Empire are eleven major lakes.


New Britannian Empire has a temperate climate with plentiful rainfall all year round, though the seasons are quite variable in temperature. However, temperatures rarely fall below −5 °C (23 °F) or rise above 30 °C (86 °F). The prevailing wind is from the south-west. It is driest in the east and warmest in the south. Snowfall can occur in Winter and early Spring, though it is not that common away from high ground.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the empire is 38.5 °C (101.3 °F) on August 10, 2003 in Grand Leeds. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the empire is −26.1 °C (−15.0 °F) on January 10, 1982 in Talipoli.

Major Rivers

The River Imperial
Exodus River

Major Conurbations

Orizaba, New Britannian Kingdom
Tomaston, Evenalon
Hymedall, Ral Ixshida
Tal Prime, Talipoli

Major Lakes

Lake Rex
Lake Regina
Lake Angle
Britannia Lake
Lake Paradisus
Genesis Lake
Lake Sovereign
Lake Klein
Apricus Lake
Lake Vastis

Major Land Marks

King James Falls
Mount Imperial
Mount Regal
Queen Isabella Peak
The Rose Cliffs


New Britannian Empire's ecomony is the first largest in the New Britannian Federation and the fifth largest in the world. One of the world's most highly industrialised regions, New Britannian Empire is a leader in the chemical and textile sectors as well as industries such as aerospace, the arms industry, and the software industry. Major Resources in New Britannian Empire include petroleum, gold, silver, uranium, tea, coal, diamonds, and sapphires. The empire imports wool, raw sugar, timber, butter, and meat, exporting mostly manufactured goods, tea, coal, and petroleum to the United Kingdom, the Generals, and Greater Antarctica. The official currency of New Britannian Empire is the New Britannian Pound or NBP.


With over 68.678 Billion citizens, New Britannian Empire is the most populous region in New Britannian Empire, Navillus being the nation with the highest population. With the empire being such a vast place, it is not overly densely populated with an average of only 50 people per square mile. The majority of the citizens are English with a mixture of other European descents and very few Americans. The Population skyrocketed just after the election of Noble Britannian as Royalist Prime Minister in August of 2007.


New Britannian Empire has a vast and influential culture that encompasses elements both old and new. The New Britannians have played a significant role in the development of the arts and sciences. Many of the most important figures in the history of modern western scientific and philosophical thought were either born in, or at one time or other resided in, New Britannian Empire. Major New Britannian thinkers of international significance include scientists such as Sir Edgar Franklin, William Longridge, Charles Dickenson and Samuel Carlson, philosophers such as Tanner Thompson, Karl Cole, and Eliazabeth Stowell, and economists such as Richard Davis, and John Johnson.


New Britannian Empire has played a significant part in the advancement of Western architecture. It is home to some of the finest mediaeval castles and forts in the world including Thomas Castle, the Imperial Palace, Sterling Castle, the King's Tower, and Bennington Fortress. It is also known for its numerous grand country houses and for its many mediaeval and later churches and cathedrals.


New Britannian Empire is home to the International Gallery, the Tate Britannia, the Tate James, the Tate Caleb, and the Tate Isabella. Significant New Britannian artists include Joseph Hawkins the famous cartoonist and world famous painter and sculpter, Aaron Baxley.


New Britannian cuisine ranges from casual to highly sophisticated. Traditional dishes include various meat pies, several recipes adapted from gormet french dishes, as well as several puddings like Yorkshire Pudding and Apple Pie.


A list of New Britannian Empire's allies is as follows:

Territories and Colonies

Main Regions




NBE is an absolute monarchy with a King at the head of the government. A democratically elected Prime Minister holds the UN Delegate position. NBE has a bicameral parliament with a House of Commons and a House of Lords. Both houses are appointed by the King. The Parliament votes on bills, but the King may over-ride their decision with little effort. New Britannian Empire's judicial system has a High Court with three judges, the King, the Prime Minister, and the High Magistrate. A verdict is decided upon by a two-thirds majority. The Government was set up by the King and was first introduced by Lord Wharton of Grand Leeds.

Reigning Monarchs

The monarchs at the moment are King Caleb I and Queen Ashley.


The government also has many ministers who are appointed by the King to carry out specific tasks. Below is a list of ministries and their responsibilities.

Minister of Defence The Minister of defence is responsible for the upkeep of the Royal Army, defence of the Empire, and leading invasions. He is the Highest authority in the army, taking orders only from the King.

Minister of Immigration The Minister of Immigration is in charge of the Ministers of Recruitment, including The Minister of the Pacific, The Minister of the North and South Pacifics, The Minister of the East and West Pacifics, and The Minister of Lazarus and The Rejected Realms. He is responsible for welcoming new nations to the region, reminding Ministers of Recruitment to recruit, and reporting suspicious Immigrants.

Ministers of Recruitment

Minister of the Pacific - Recruiting new nations from the Pacific

Minister of the North and South Pacifics - Recruiting new nations from the North and South Pacifics

Minister of the East and West Pacifics - Recruiting new nations from the East and West Pacifics

Minister of Lazarus and The Rejected Realms - Recruiting new nations from Lazarus and The Rejected Realms

Minister of Foreign Affairs Chief Ambassador. In charge of relations between allies and enemies. Responsible for embassies and ambassadors.

Minister of Royal Affairs Senior operational member of the Royal Household of the Sovereign. Acts as a channel of communications with the Government, organises the official programme of the Sovereign, deals with the Sovereign's official correspondence. Through these roles the position wields considerable influence.

Other government positions include:

  • Deputy Prime Minister
  • Minister of Intelligence
  • High Majestrate


18.00 GMT 27 April, 2007 - 45.492 Billion

23.00 GMT 20 June, 2007 - 68.678 Billion