New Hope

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New Hope
Nation: Ariddia
Function: N/A
Population: unspecified
Leader: unspecified

The city of New Hope, nestled in the thick Ariddian forests, is home to the immense and ambitious Museum of the World (Musée du Monde), which offers information and displays on the culture, history and art of many nations from around the world. The museum is still in the early stages of its development, but can already be visited.

New Hope also houses the Museum of War, dedicated to exposing the full horrors and reality of war, in chilling detail.

Outside the city is the small airport New Hope International (NWH). It was also just outside New Hope that the world's first International Cultural Exhibition was held.

The city is twinned with Elville (Cafundéu) and Vilònorda (Brutland and Norden).

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