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The Principality of
New Lyoko

Father Knows Best State
Year Founded: 1627
Government type: "Constitutional" Theocratic Parliamentary Principality
Motto: "Martel Save the Prince!"
Official Language(s): New Lyokoan
Capital: Xanadu
Population: 712,000,000 (July 2006)
Currency: Xanadollar
Currency Code: NLX
Leader: Prince Yon Dehra Varaine
Major Religion(s): Martelism (official religion), Erynnism (now abolished)
Time Zone: GMT+7 to +9
Internet TLD: .ny, .nly
Phone Code: 6694
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML



The Principality of New Lyoko, or Chi Principia ya Nu Lyoko, has existed since the 1600's when the Czar of Russia signed a treaty with King Domon Kasshu, allowing him to rule a large portion of the North Asian sub-continent. Of course, that's what the history books will tell you. There is in fact a rumor circulating that in 2003 a teenager who looks suspiciously like the current Prince infiltrated the Russian Federation, and using unheard of technology, initiated a large-scale "mind-wipe" and brainwashed the entire population of Russia, supposedly setting up a flimsy, non-offensive nation by the same name in Antarctica. The New Lyokoan government, however, utterly denies this claim, stating that "it is an offense to not only the nation and history of New Lyoko, but to the people of the world themselves."

After a major revolution within the Mosque of Erynnism, the entire religion split into several sects. Due to the widespread confusion and chaos caused by this, RENLTOW fell and was soon replaced by RMNLTOW. From thus forward, New Lyoko adopted Martelism, its second largest religion, as the official state religion. All government documents mentioning Erynnism were destroyed, and Erynnist mosques were rennovated into Houses of Salvation. However the New Lyoko Church of Martel is run very similarly to the way that Erynnism used to be.

The Principality of New Lyoko is a huge, safe nation, remarkable for its punitive income tax rates. Its compassionate, cynical population of 712 million are governed by a seemingly benevolent ruler who allows the citizens to live without worry of political issues, and in their personal lives, are relatively unoppressed. The government juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Education, and Defense. The average income tax rate is 80%, and even higher for the wealthy. A healthy private sector is led by the Automobile Manufacturing industries. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. NewLyoko's national animal is the chicken, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation and popular vehicular "accidents", and its currency is the xanadollar.


Location: Region of Martelist Nations Likely to Take Over the World (RMNLTOW, "Remieltow")


total: approx. 4,268,800 sq mi
land: approx. 4,189,400 sq mi
water: approx. 79,400 sq mi

Area- comparative: About 2/3 the size of China or half the size of Brazil

Land borders: Most of NL is land-locked.

Border countries: North Maridun, I-Nal, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia

Coastline: approx. 7530.6 mi

Climate: Ranging from midly temperate in the west to frigid in the plains of Siberia

Terrain: Vast coniferous forest and tundra, plains, mountains in the south

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Dera ya chis Degas, 12 m
highest point: Piye Çedav, 2,840 m

Natural resources: Oil, natural gas, strategic minerals, timber

Natural hazards: spring floods and summer/autumn forest fires, permafrost

Environment - current issues

Widespread deforestation is becoming a problem due to developments in the mining industry, endangering the national animal of New Lyoko, the chicken. Overdevelopment is also a problem.


Population: 712 million (July 2007 census)

Age structure
0-14 years: 22%
15-64 years: 65%
65 years and over: 12%

Median Age
total: 38.4 years
male: 35.2 years
female: 41.3 years (2007 est.)

noun: New Lyokoan(s)
adjective: New Lyokoan

Ethnic groups:
Russian/Noth Asian 78%, Slavic 7%, Other 15%

Religions: Official State Religion: Martelism (89%), Unofficial: Buddhism (9%), Other (Erynnism (now abolished), Shinto, Russian Orthodox Church, Islam) (2%)

Languages(in order of domninance):

New Lyokoan (official), English, I-Nalian, Japanese, French, Mandarin Chinese


definition: age 13 and over can read and write

total population: 99.1%

male: 99.8%

female: 99.3%


Country name
conventional long form: The Principality of New Lyoko
conventional short form: New Lyoko
local long form: Chi Royale Principia ya Nu Lyoko
local short form: Nu Lyoko
abbreviation: NL, the PNL

Government type: Constitutional Theocratic Parliamentary Principality

Capital: Xanadu

Administrative divisions:

Five Sectors: Rene On, Dene Duo, Rene Trowa, Rene Cuatre, and Rene Quintu* (Off-limits to public use, military only)

Dependent areas: Canada

Independence: May 1st, 1627 (from Russia)

National holidays:

  • March 1st- New Lyoko Day (Nu Lyoko al Dei)
  • December 19th- Prince's Day (Ri Altonci al Dei)

Erynnism holidays

  • January 12th, 13th, 14h- The Festivals of Materialization (Chis Festivis ya Wazegrici)
  • February 6th- Festival of Creation of Erynnism (Festivi ya chi Conjuci ya Erynnisn)
  • February 14th- Singles' Awareness Day (Chis Kamans al Yantenci Dei)
  • February 20th- Festival of the Birth of Erynn (Festivi ya chi Cardaci ya Erynn)
  • April 22nd- Festival of the Creation of the Holy Land (Festivi ya chi Conjuci ya chi Thea Ton)
  • June 6th- Lyoko Day (Lyoka Dei)
  • June 14th- Belpois Day (Belpoi Dei)
  • June 30th- XANAWeen
  • December 25th- X.M.A.S. (Xah Mah Ah Su)


May 7th, 2004*

  • Note: Although the Grand Council officially drafted a constitution, the Prince wasn't aware of it and he usually thinks

it's a joke whenever they bring it up.

Legal System: All laws must abide by the pillars of Erynnism, legal system based on civil law, judicial and royal review of legislative acts, accepts jurisdiction by RMNLTOW, accepts ICJ compulsory jurisdiction with reservations

Suffrage: 18 years of age, universal

Executive branch

Locally known as: Chi Palencia (the Palace)

  • chief of state: Prince Yon Dehra VARAINE(since March 1st, 2004)
  • head of government: Prince Yon Dehra VARAINE
  • cabinet: Ministers of all New Lyokoan Ministries (Defense, Intelligence, Education, etc) and selected other individuals, all are appointed by the Prince or the Grand Council

New Lyoko is, in fact, a Principality, which is to say it is ruled by one royal person, the Prince or Princess. However, the Ministries of government are substantial in executive decisions, though final say is "vested in the crown." The various Ministries are not actually located within the Palace, though the Ministers often commute there, but they have their own offices located in various parts of the country.

  • Ministry of the Principality (Minisya ya chi Principia, non-official)

Headed by: Grand Secretariate
Manages: Needs of monarch/royal family, civil servants, national agencies, the bureaucracy

  • Ministry of Defense (Minisya ya Anafeijin)

Headed by: Minister of Defense, a man who looks suspiciously like Jerome Mouscadet
Manages: Security and defense of the nation, the New Lyokoan military, the Royal Space Force (in times of war), peacekeeping

  • Ministry of Science (Minisya ya Ellere)

Headed by: Minister of Technology, Minister of Energy
Manages: Government funded scientific research, the nation's energy needs, the communications network and systems, the Royal Space Force (peacetime)

  • Ministry of Education (Minisya ya Blaciomaci)

Headed by: Minister of Education
Manages: All public education and schools, national libraries, regulation of the New Lyokoan language, "re-education" programs in New Lyokoan prisons

  • Ministry of Foreign Policy (Minisya ya Napaisana Politiq)

Headed by: Minister of Foreign Policy, Majority Leader of the Grand Council
Manages: New Lyoko's dimplomatic affairs, embassies, "politics"

  • Ministry of Intelligence (Minisya ya Urtenci)

Headed by: Minister of Intelligence
Manages: Information network, information gathering, exterior operation coordinates with MoD or MoFP, interior operation with Royal Police

  • Ministry of Nature (Minisya ya Umaci)

Headed by: Minister of Nature
Manages: National parks, reserves, environmental policy within New Lyoko and its territories

  • Ministry of the Goddess (Minisya ya chi Theana, unofficial)

Headed by: RMNLTOW (official), Cruxis, the Prince (spiritual)
Manages: Houses of Salvation, the Church of Martel, practice within New Lyoko

  • Royal Police

Headed by: Commissioner of RP Corps Manages: Royal Police Corps. operation, enforcing the law, police stations

Legislative branch

New Lyoko has a unicameral legislature consisting of the Grand Council, or Chi Graci Oziya, which has 100 seats. The Prince also has power to enact new laws at will, approval by the Grand Council depending on circumstance. General elections are held by the public every three years, and approved by the Cabinet.

The Grand Council assembles within a designated segment of the Palace itself, so the Prince and other members of the Cabinet may attend a meeting if he so chooses.

The lawmaking process in New Lyoko is not very long and involved, it merely requires a majority consensus of the Council and/or approval by the Prince. Any Councilperson may suggest a law to be passed.

The Constitution of New Lyoko was drafted by the Grand Council, although it is often neglected by the monarchs, it is vital to protecting the rights of New Lyokoan citizens.

Judicial branch

The Judicial branch of the government consists of the Royal Court, High Courts, Municipal Courts, and review by the Prince upon request. The Grand Council can act as Supreme Court in instances of national importance or emergency, and the Ministry of Defense presides over the High Courts during wartime.

The New Lyokoan Legislative and Judicial branches are exemplary in that they are very flexible and at times interchangeable. They are usually operated under the premise that "Who is better to interpret the law than the ones who wrote it?" Judges are appointed by the government, but are subject to removal by popular referendum. As stated, during war, the Ministry of Defense oversees and conducts rulings of the High Courts in a state of martial law, especially of those convicted of treason or war crimes. However, they oversee only the High courts-- the lower level Municipal Courts are still conducted by civil and penal law. In times of national emergency, the Grand Council can act as a Supreme Court, at a higher level than High Court and second only to Royal Court. Royal Court itself is only used when prompted by the Prince or when a government official is on trial.

Political parties and leaders:

New Lyokoan Royal Party (Nu Lyoka Royale Rochya)

Political pressure groups and leaders:

Anti-Royal Anarchists (Vanroyale Nedasquimars)

Flag description

13 equal horizontal stripes of blue (top and bottom) alternating with black; there is a black rectangle in the upper hoist-side corner bearing a blue XANA symbol

The Flag of New Lyoko is known as Chi Fazcaron, which means "The Banner." Very little is known about its history, except that the XANA symbol was the first thing King Domon Kasshu drew as a symbol of New Lyoko back when it first gained nationhood.


Currency (code): New Lyokoan Xanadollar (NLX)

Exchange rates: 3.1329 NLX = $1 USD

Fiscal year: calendar year


New Lyoko's communications system is expansive for its area. It utilizes advanced technology. Many of its TV, Radio, and Internet sites are administered by the government.

Telephones - main lines in use: 860 million (2006)

'Telephones - mobile cellular: 482,122,991 (2006)

Telephone system

domestic: domestic: a large system of fiber-optic cable, microwave radio relay, coaxial cable, and domestic satellites carries every form of telephone traffic; a rapidly growing cellular system carries mobile telephone traffic throughout the country
international: country code - 6694; New Lyoko is connected internationally by three undersea fiber-optic cables; digital switches in several cities provide more than 50,000 lines for international calls; satellite earth stations provide access to Intelsat, Intersputnik, Eutelsat, Inmarsat, and Orbita systems

Radio broadcast stations: AM 2,345, FM 3,457, National 3 (2006)

Television broadcast stations:Nationalized satellite network 1,337 Cable 86 (2006)

Internet country code: .ny, .nly, .mda ("mandatya" for government sites)


The New Lyokoan military in total is referred to as His Higness' Armed Forces, or Ri Altonci als Gardas Chinsyas. It is administered by the Ministry of Defense, and its Commander-in-chief is the Prince or Princess of New Lyoko. Much of NL's spending goes into Defense, and it has been officially stated by the government that they are "for the security and defense of New Lyoko and its allies" only. However, there is speculation that this is not the case, and there are other ulterior motives. Despite this, militarily, New Lyoko has been generally docile, and has only used its forces in peacekeeping missions.

Military branches

  • Royal Army

The Royal Army, or Chi Royale Armia, is composed of NL's infantry, artillery, and army aircraft and sea vessels. It is under leadership by the General of the Army, a man who looks suspiciously like Matthew Géczy. It has numerous training camps located all over New Lyoko, and has the largest amount of manpower of any branch of the military. One of NL's innovative methods include the use of music in training soldiers, particularly dance, electronic, and techno.

  • Royal Navy

The Royal Navy, or Chi Royale Nautica, lit. 'The Royal Sea', is composed of NL's naval vessels, battleships, aircraft carriers, and submarines. It is under leadership by the Admiral of the Navy, a woman who looks suspiciously like Maribelle Kirkland. The Navy is the smallest branch of the military, considering New Lyoko has very limited coastline, and is mostly used for naval bases and transglobal missions.

  • Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force, or Chi Royale Aerochinsya, composed of NL's fighter jets, airships, aerial transport, and attack helicopters, is the most technologically advanced and focused on area of the military, and New Lyoko's pride and joy. It is under leadership by the Captain of the Air Force, a woman who looks suspiciously like Sharon Mann.

  • Royal Space Force

The Royal Space Force, or Chi Royale Astrochinsya, is composed of NL's space fleet, satellites, aerospace developers, and space stations. It is the most classified branch of the military and little is known about it. It is under leadership by the Admiral of the Space Force, a man who looks suspiciously like David Gasman, and is administered by the Ministry of Defense during wartime only. All other times, it is administered by the Ministry of Science.

Transnational Issues

Disputes - international

New Lyoko doesn't have a problem with the world, it's the world that has a problem with New Lyoko. As current, New Lyoko has overthrown the corrupt government of China, and is preparing for negotiations with the new.

Illicit drugs

Vodka, which was illegalized in 2005, is constantly trafficked in and out of the country.