New People

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New People
Flag of New People
Motto: "For us"
Region Marsburg
Official Language(s)
Leader Field Commander of the Atlantic
Population 2.9 billion
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The Battle-Born Republic of New People is a lesser-known quiet inhabitant of the region of Marsburg. From its very beginning it served in the Atlantic Alliance; originally as a soldier, then in its Ministry of Intelligence while working its wayto become the head Minister of Intelligence before eventually becoming Field Commander of the Atlantic. The same day he was given that position he was also made Supreme Commander for the duration of MrNonchalant's absense, during the winter of 2003. His first act as a Commander was to award himself the honor of Hero of Atlantic Labor. Since the collapse of the AA/ACC he has become better known as the nation of Mammothistan, an official in The Pacific. Alliance Defense Network officials have repeatedly accused him of being the The North Pacific despot Great Bight, but he has never confirmed nor denied these claims.

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