New Sendersdale

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New Sendersdale
Nation: Sendersdale
Capital: New Haven
Leader: High Chancellor Nicholas Alexander]
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Flag of New Sendersdale, the thistle on the flag is a flower that is quite common in New Sendersdale. The Lancastrian rose is the official flower of King Lancaster, of Sendersdale. The Fleur-de-lis is there to represent the first French Senderlian people to settle the island, including Jaques Coutou.

The new Coat of Arms of Sendersdale

New Sendersdale is the first colony of Sendersdale New Sendersdale was recently founded by Jaques Coutou. It is currently considered a Crown Colony, which means the government is solely controlled by the government. The government governs almost all matters (except local mattes, left to the Sendersdale Local Authority Justice Government) in the colony.

The island was a much needed asset as it nearly doubles the size of the country before. New Sendersdale is currently 111,390 km². Currently the population of the island is only 5 million but steadily growing. Most of the population lives near the sourthern border facing Sendersdale. As of current, there is debate in parliament to see whether or no the island should be given territorial status, giving the colony it's own local government. The government however states that they need to stabilize the situation first with outlaw settlers and get most of the colony organized.

The motto of the colony is Concordia Salus (salvation through harmony)

Sendersdale Local Authority

The Sendersdale Local Authority is a branch of the Ministry of Oversea Territories (Ministère des territoires d'Oversea) is the local aithority that enforces and deals with all the minor laws of Sendersdale to the new colony. It also seats the local government of Justice, which makes local laws for the colony (must by approved by the Sendersdale government first). The current head of the SLA is Herny Coutou IV (grandson of original founder, Jaques Coutou


Most of the land is forest with a line of mountains to the right (a part of the Sommish mountains network in Sendersdale). To the northern tip, it is an icy plain which is all ice for 6-8 months in a year. Currently, only the southern areas of the colony is settled, besides the military camp SMC Formidable, which has about 10 000 civilians permamently living there year round and about 100 000 people and military personnel living there for the months in which the sea routes are open (4-8 months). During those months the military normally does it's military training there.

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