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Flag of Newfoundcanada
Motto: History is written by the winners.
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Region Aberdeen
Capital San torino
Official Language(s) English (Official)
Leader Prime Minister Joe Quimby
Population more then 320 million
Currency UNAD 
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Joined Aberdeen The nation of NewfoundCanada is an active UN nation. It is a very proud member of the Aberdeen region.

Work in Aberdeen

Newfoundcanada is a very loyal member of Aberdeen and has been in it since joining nationstates. NewfoundCanada was recruited by a Telegram campaign by the Aberdeen minister of immigration PGrier. NewfoundCanada has the two official jobs at the current moment in Aberdeen.

  • Foreign ambassador to Futaba Aoi
  • Working in the ministry of immigration as a recruiter.

Work in the UN

NewfoundCanada is the original author of the prison quality draft. This is still in the draft stage but has been in it for about 20 days so far. It has been changed extensively over this period though the original points are basically the same, most have been entirely re-written.

Current Government

The Government of NewfoundCanada is completely dominated by the liberal party. The liberals have a huge majority and hold 502 of the 553 seats in the House of Commons.

Ministry of Finance

The minister of finance is Bullwinkle J. Moose. Who gets asked what to do in a situation and his staff is trained to do the opposite. They have somehow found a way of stopping the media asking him any questions. It would be a political disaster if the media started listening to him.

The ministry of Finace has small surplus at the moment and is proud to have no debt. The population frown heavily on debt of any kind beleving in a pay as you go strategy.

Ministry of Defense

The minister of defense is Colonel Sanders. A retired army soldier and famous cook. Entered into politics with the money he had gained from the ownership of a fast food restaurant chain.

NewfoundCanada's military is very insignificant and it is only ever used in peace-keeping missions in other nations and as a defensive group in case of war. Though no nation has yet declared war on NewfoundCanada. Instead NewfoundCanada relies on it's being a very peacefull nation to stop itself from being involved in war.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The minister of Foreign Affairs is Charlie Luciano formerly known as Salvatore Lucania. Has organized the foreign affairs office very well into a much more functional group. His aggressive strategy of foreign affairs has been very effective, but has made him a very unpopular figure in the public eye. There was a recent scandal after a inquiry was put into him and suspected him to have had many dealings with the mob. Charges where dropped as witness's kept falling through.

Ministry of Agriculture

The minister of Agriculture is Elmer Fudd. Elmur Fudd is a well known hunter. He has been doing poorly as the minister of agriculture. But Joe Quimby has not found a way of replacing him yet.

Ministry of Public Safety

The minister of public safety is Sherlock Holmes. Formerly a very charitable and famous private detective. Later moved into political life after retiring from being a detective.

Police in NewfoundCanada are doing a great job at suppressing crime. Crime is very low because of the great funding the Police force is getting. Sherlock Holmes has improved it's effectives greatly though he has also been known to allow people to break privacy acts.

Ministry of the Environment

The minister of the environment is jeffery frantono. A well known enviromentalist who has caused several public scandals by attacking his own party for not respecting the enviroment enough. It has been speculated he is keeping a secret for Joe Quimby and that is why he has not been kicked out of the party.

The ministry is grossly overfunded though Joe Quimby is looking into fixing that. The department's major job at this point in time is trying to convice the public that the enviroment is a major concern. The enviroment at this point is being destroyed all the time but things are slowly turning around.

Ministry of Education

The minister of education is John Miller. John Miller has been a very succesfull education minister who has been heavily involved in politics for a long time.

Education is very important to the people of NewfoundCanada and the government reflects that. Univiersity's while still private are heavily funded by the government and public childcare systems are often debated.

Ministry of Health

The minister of Health is Joe somotono. Joe Somotono is a well known academic who taught Law in NewfoundCanada's top univerity for a long time before entering politics.

The healthcare system is completly publicly funded and run. Except for in some odd specialties like denistry and omtomitrists. Such positions are still heavily government funded. The standard of healthcare is very high and it is one of the largest parts of NewfoundCanada's budget.

Ministry of Immigration

The minister of Immigration is Ellis Melbourne.

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