Nialachan Fladh

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The Nialachan Fladh is the intelligence service of The Weegies, which replaced the Inter-Island Intelligence Service (IIIS) of the Rigan colonialists, which was distrusted by the majority of the ethnically Weegie population. Roughly translated, "Nialachan Fladh" means "Collectors of Shadows." The motto of the organisation is "Eil fladh díalean nich uchil sé fialian fail na chalenn.", which translated means, "The men who shine light on the shadows shall find their way out of the dark."

Technically, the Nialachan Fladh does not officially exist, and is therefore not mentioned by name by anyone in the government, where it has been given the official title of the "Special Services Division" of the Weegie Diplomatic Service; however, it is a well-known secret, with the vast majority of Weegie people believing that it exists. And they would be right.

The Nialachan Fladh has worked closely with the Galdagan secret services in the past, and has gained a reputation, at least in Galdagan circles, as a cash-starved organisation, which, nevertheless, uses its' meagre resources to great effect, uncovering things that should be far beyond its' means to uncover. Mostly, the Nialachan Fladh works to keep the area around the Weegies, and nations near to the Weegies, secure both for the Weegies, and the CACE as a whole, although it has been known to work in Northern Aperin, Alcaera, and even further afield, abeit in a limited capacity due to lack of funds.