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Nikki Ronalk
Unlikely to come
Main Position
Class 5 Assassin, Kane Clan
Character style
Bloodthirsty Predator
"Tell that traitorous bitch that I am coming and I will kill her." - to TJ Ross of Dancing Bananland
Be afraid

Nikki Ronalk is a Servant of Nolak and a Class 5 Assassin. In two short campaigns, she wreaked havoc in both Dancing Bananland and the Forgotten Territories. She dueled with Dancing Bananland operatives Dirk Pheonix and Funky G, Dancing Bananland fireman Jonathon Freedman and Angel Fire Prime Minister Tristan Angel. Many were killed in her rampage including several officials within the Forgotten Territories.



Like Tristan Angel, Nikki Ronalk had a fairly normal childhood. She was born with the name Nichole Lewis to an Engineer (father) and a Nurse (mother) and no siblings. She grew up with extensive knowledge in Math and Science and took special interest in human anatomy - an interest that would later become valuable. She was strictly against alcohol, smoking, drugs and even avoided caffinee - though the latter she had didn't refuse to have because caffinee was in so many things, particularly tea and chocolate. Still, she never drank any caffinated soft drinks nor coffee.

Unlike Tristan Angel, she was not a virgin when she'd been abducted. While it is unknown when, exactly, she lost her virginity, the police have recorded an incident where her father walked into her and her then boyfriend having sex. According to the police report, by the time they arrived on the scene, the boyfriend had a black eye and a split lip. The father had only suffered minor injuries to his hands. The father was charged with assault and was still serving his six month prison sentence when his daughter was abducted

The Kane Clan

After about two months of her missing, the Kane clan could only assume that Tristan Angel was either not returning or dead. Missing both her and her Night Sisters, the Kane clan found itself significantly weaker. It was still powerful and well respected, but it was in no condition to continue the operations they way they had. Kane Angel and his new second-in-command, General Annon Ronalk decided they needed to get a new Class 5 Assassin to assist them in operations.

It was during an interview Nikki gave at her father's sentencing hearing that they noticed her. Ronalk immediately decided that she should be the replacement. They spent a week planning the abduction and 8 days after her father's Jail sentence had started, the newspapers were reporting that Nikki Lewis had been abducted.

Over the following two years, Lewis was subjected to extensive strains of torture and abuse - verbal, physical and sexual. After 4 months, she'd been married to General Ronalk. It was then when her name was officially changed to Nikki, despite having adopted the nickname several years earlier. Like all Class 5s, as the torture became a form of pleasure, she fell in love with her torturer and husband.

Two years and 36 days after her abduction, the Nolak Clans deemed that she had, indeed, met the requirements to be classified a Class 5 Assassin. Over the following few years, she conducted various operations and proved herself to be a worthy successor to the Angel Fire.

Aberdeen operations

The Misnew clan, interested in trying to pit the Angels against each other, sent the Kane clan into Aberdeen, failing to inform them that Kane's wife and former-deputy was serving within the region. Nikki Ronalk's involvement in the initial stages of the operation are, for the most part unknown. She was assigned to operate autonomously, looking for targets of opportunity and vital information. She made few reports back to the Kane clan and there are no notable disappearances or occurances to indicate she actually committed any major attacks.

It is believed that she was in a major city in Aberdeen when news of the Dancing Bananland raids upon the Kane Clan's major operations was conducted. Specifically, it is speculated to be that she was within the borders of Nouvelle Helena due to the pattern of her attacks.

Dancing Bananland Rampage

Main Article: Ronalk's Rampage

Ronalk's attack through Dancing Bananland suggests she was looking for information more than vengence. While her attacks were brutal and, in many cases, inhumane, they seemed to lean towards the purpose of achieving objectives while leaving no witnesses or survivors. It was during the rampage that John Friedman encountered her and, in many cases, battled with her. For reasons still unknown, she refused to kill him on multiple occasions and even used him as an assistant at one point. She also confronted Prime Minister TJ Ross of Dancing Bananland, whom she interrogated and Dancing Bananland spy/assassin Funky G who she was simply unable to best in two attempts. In the end, she killed Friedman after he jumped onto the hood of her stolen car and was, herself, captured.

Forgotten Territories Rampage

Ronalk's interrogation of TJ Ross and her subsequent interrogation by Dancing Bananland authorities indicated that she wished to find and killed Tristan Angel. While this was unimportant to most operatives within Dancing Bananland, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kirk Banndar, saw an opportunity in it. His opposition and despise of Tristan Angel were well rumored and the Forgotten Territories had been on a considerably guarded position with Banndar. It was also well know that Banndar had previous launched the so-called "Gamma plan" against them who's details were, then, unknown.

Banndar dumped the assassin in Angel Fire, sacrificing a plane in the process. It is unknown what exact route she took, but eventually she ended up in Forgotten City, Forgottenlands. There, she conducted a raid on the Capitol Building and attacked the Forgotten Council. In the attack, she killed Prime Minister Jonathon Spencer of Forgottenlands UN, General Field Marshall Brian O'Toole, head of the Angel Fire Military and wounded Prime Minister Alison Riben of Forgottenlands and head Night Sister Celeste McNair. She was finally slain in a multi-hour honor duel with Tristan Angel.

Character and Appearance

Green eyed, fair skinned and dark hair coupled, a pretty face blemished only by a scar across her cheek and a body to match, Nikki Ronalk is notable equally for her beauty and her ruthlessness. Rage is her driving force and pain merely aids in fueling her.

While she normally wears a standard Nolak uniform, during the Aberdeen campaign, she'd been suited with a special, silvery outfit that fit her snuggly while allowing maximum flexibility. Unlike her predecessor, her uniform is not the only one she's ever worn and most of her scars are hidden.

She is a calculating animal - a very precise shooter and full of plans - some of which she is able to imagine and enact in a matter of seconds. Her most reasonable moments are when she's actually planning her next move. That said, she is not a strategist and often walks into traps - either unaware of their deployment or believing that they can be countered with much less difficulty than reality.


Death Wind: Like all Class 5 Assassins, Ronalk was granted a 6-inch knife upon achieving her status. She named hers Death Wind. The Blade of the Class 5 Assassin is considered to be Nolak's blade and, therefore, to use it is to use it in his name.

Unlike her predecessor, Ronalk is willing to use guns in most cases. This is partly due to her continually being put into situations where she finds herself heavily outnumbered and out in the open. Ronalk also has an affinity with fire, blowing up multiple things and burning down two entire buildings.

Important Relationships

General Annon Ronalk

Her husband, lover, and often said to be her sanity, his presummed death is what drives her on her rampage. It is not known how he treated her but it is said that whether he treated her poorly or not, she still saw in him someone that she could confide to, allowing her to be human.

In a role reversal, when General Ronalk resurfaces as a member of the Hekloslogravian army, he orders his forces to attack the Angel family in part to avenge his then dead wife.

Tristan Angel

Having served in the shadow of the former Servant of Nolak, effectively being the Angel Fire's replacement, Ronalk held a competitive streak with the accomplishments of the elder woman. Most historians would say that she was clearly outmatched in all areas. even losing in a duel to Angel when 2 decades seperated them in age. This rivalry is believed to help fuel her willingness to seek out the other and conduct an honor duel.

Jonathon Freidman

Freidman hunted Ronalk because she killed his brother in a raid on a police station. When they, quite literally, ran into each other at a different city, she saw the rage and wish for her death in his eyes. She theorized that she could turn him into a field-Class 5, a rather rare accomplishment in the history of the Nolak clans, in part because the conversion was extremely difficult.

While Ronalk was able to successfully convert Freidman for a few hours - long enough to get his assistance in the assault against TJ Ross, he eventually overcame the conversion and made one final attempt to kill her. Partly on gut reaction and partly on knowledge that she had failed, Ronalk did what she had intentionally decided not to do 4 times earlier - she killed him. Compared to many of her victims, however, she gave him a quick (though bloody) death.

TJ Ross

Ross, despite having received several warnings, was put in a position of vulnerability. During the raid on his estate, he had been given only two real attempts to attack - the first turning into a disaster and the second, a cigar with a tranquilizer dart in it, successfully striking the woman. However, she didn't fall to the tranquilizer and was able to still pursue him through two layers of heavy steel security doors to his office. During the interrogation, Ross, at one point, found himself dangling 30 floors above the ground in the hard rain out a broken window. However, Ronalk allowed Ross to live and escaped the complex, only to be captured less than an hour later in the streets of Ross City.

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