Nilo Sigonella

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Nilo Sigonella
February 29, 1984
Santa Podenzana, Rodige, Norden
Candelaria And Marquez
August 18, 2007

Nilo Sigonella is a member of the Nord-Brutlandese diplomatic corps.


Sigonella was born in the town of Santa Podenzana, grant of Rodige, province of Norden, to Antonio and Francesca Sigonella. He is the fourth of six children.

Nilo was educated in the Nord-Brutlandese public school systems and took a triple major in English, World History, and International Relations in the Royal University of Brutland and Norden.

Immediately after college, he took the test for diplomats and passed. The Nord-Brutlandese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Finisterretto d’Alfare Ellena, FAE) immediately took on Sigonella, due to his mastery of English.


The South Pacific

The FAE assigned Sigonella to Nord-Brutlandese Mission to the South Pacific under Kyle Irvine Lambourne.

Candelaria and Marquez

When the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden opened an embassy to the Republic of Candelaria And Marquez on August 18, 2007, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Finisterre d'Alfari Ellena, FAE) nominated Sigonella to the post. He was unanimously confirmed by the House of Lords.

Sigonella is currently engaged to Georgina Nigardi, another staffer from the Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden to the South Pacific.


Nord-Brutlandese Foreign Affairs