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Orginal Base

The Religion of Nod is OOCly based off of the Series Command and Conquer, off of one of the sides in the game series. The side of the BrotherHood of Nod. It is just one of many items based off a Video Game.


The Theory behind the Nod faith is that the newest Leader of the World is Kane. The supposedly Immortal Leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. That he alone was to lead the world to a golden age using the Power of Tiberium. The followers of Nod are utterly loyal to their leader, however aside from that disloyality is rampart amoung the lower leaders, assassination is a common means of gaining power.


The Brotherhood of Nod is a cultlike Faith, and highly Militarized, quite simliar to the Jihadists of the Middle east, on the will of their 'God' Nod soldiers will do anything. Their target followers are the opressed and uneducated of Third World Nations, Proprganda is used quite often by the brotherhood, with great sucess.

Nod in NS

Many nations who are fans of the Game will almost always have some sort of connection with The Brotherhood. In RPing Nod nations are extremely fanatical and persistent, often used as Terrorist nations and general troublemakers. This has lead to many a young Nod based nation to it's destruction.

Nod Rpers

The Black Hand of Nod and Imperial Nod are the current most active Nod nations. Though many other Nod nations existed in the past.