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Non-Partisan Association
Established 2005
Address 605 Corso Bran
Timiocato, CAP
Pacitalia 1662A
Economic ideology Fiscal conservatism
Social ideology Moderate
Party leader Aria Speranza
Party president Camazo Santo Ragazzo
Motto All sides come together.

The Non-Partisan Association is a minor centrist political party in the Democratic Capitalist Republic of Pacitalia. The party was created in October 2005 from a split off the Federation of Progressive Democrats, when ten MPs felt the party would not have the same effect of governance on Pacitalia after Timothy Ell left. They agreed to stay as members of FPD until the January 2006 election, but will be running as NPA candidates for that election. The party is decidedly more centrist and slightly less libertarian than the FPD, but its recent label as a hybrid of Green and FPD is expected to earn it significant portions of vote share.

Interesting facts

The party is headed by current Agustinate of Labour Aria Speranza. The president of the NPA is the eldest son of former prime minister Francesco Santo Ragazzo, Camazo. The NPA will campaign as a force of left-of-centre and right-of-centre candidates solely concerned with "improving Pacitalia".

Stances on issues

Economic issues

  • Economic regulation: Very light government interference
  • Income tax: Moderate level, tax brackets based on income
  • Unemployment rate: Incentives for domestic businesses and increased efforts to lure foreign business, in order to create jobs

Social issues

  • Abortion: Support a woman's right to choose
  • Death penalty: Appoint commission to determine any benefits of death penalty
  • Euthanasia: Support a person's right to choose dignified death
  • Gay marriage: Support
  • Prostitution: Find ways to keep prostitutes safe
  • Social insurance: Continuance of current payment levels
  • Welfare: Welfare for those who need it, but increased bureaucracy to ensure there is no one taking advantage of the system

Foreign policy

  • Diplomacy: Diplomacy first, force intervention second
  • Immigration: Moderation of quotas
  • Rejoining the United Nations: Appoint commission to determine benefits of rejoining
  • Religious beliefs: Separation of church and state, freedom to choose faith

NPA governments

None so far.

NPA opposition

None so far.

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