Noordeinde Palace

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Noordeinde Palace in The Hague has been the residence of the reigning Stadtholder or Steward since it was built. In the 17th century, Prince Hugo of Knootcap and Princess Helena Comnenus had the Huis ten Bosch Palace built. Helena also commissioned Noordeinde Palace as her The Hague residence. Both palaces were in use until the invasion by Der Angst. After the invasion and the restoration fo Knootian sovereignty it was used as a residence of the Stewards. (See: Nineteenth century Knootoss

After the fall of the stewards, the Prime Ministers of Knootoss used to live in a number of villas in the Nieuwe Parklaan. Until 1977 the palace housed the Institute of Social Studies, but after drastic renovations Prime Minister Roel Vogels chose to use this palace as his place of residence in 1984. It is currently inhabited by Prime Minister Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan, who drastically increased the number of servants so that there are more servants there now then there were under the Stewards.

Several important state-visits have been recieved in Noordeinde Palace, notably visits of Emperor Mephet`ran of the Ctan.