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The Nord-Brutlandese Royal Navy (Nave Rinna Nordèbrutellia) has a membership of about 524,000. Being a branch of the Military of Brutland and Norden, it is under the control of the Ministry of Defense. The Navy's headquarters is located in Citteria Naval Base, Citteria dei Mare, grant of Campedusa, Union Territories. There are two naval shipyards, one is the exclusive military use Navy headquarters shipyard, and one is the mixed military-public use San Roche Royal Shipyard, San Roche, grant of Terrallo, Norden.

Vessels of the Nord-Brutlandese Royal Navy are given the prefix LVS, short for La Vicule Stresa (The Majesty's Ship).


Table 1: Ranks of the Nord-Brutlandese Navy

Nave Rinna Nordèbrutellia
English Equivalent
Unit Commanded
English Equivalent
Amiretetto Séara Amt.Se. Admiral of the Navy
Amiretetto Amt. Admiral Nave Navy
Amiretèntètto Amtnt. Vice Admiral Fiente Fleet
Amiretetto Morza Amt.Mrz. Rear Admiral Fiente di Battaglio Battle Fleet
Amiretetto Morzèdoza Amt.Mrzd. Vice Rear Admiral Scuodrone Squadron
Cappino Cap. Captain Viculemanne Battleship*
Sabrietto Sab. Commander Brigate Frigate*
Sabrièntètto Sabnt. Lieutenant Commander Cruziate Cruiser*
Soldaschio Sdch. (no equivalent) Spitugale Destroyer*
Soldaschiènto Sdchnt. (no equivalent) Coviarte Corvette*
Essigno Ess. Ensign Vicule Loita Patrol Boat
Schiòntetto Sch. (no equivalent)
Spazetto Spz. Sailor

Asterisks denote the kind of ship their rank can commandeer.


Surface Vessels

Most Nord-Brutlandese vessels are built for multiple functions and are customizable.

  • Patrol Boats (372)
  • Corvettes (102)
    • 27 Reino Class (CvR)
    • 32 Sceide Class (CvS)
    • 28 Trondero Class (CvT)
    • 15 Usque Class (CvU)
  • Destroyers (85)
    • 19 Alessandria Class (SpA)
    • 23 Bratterro Class (SpB)
    • 18 Civito Class (SpC)
    • 25 Defende Class (SpD)
  • Cruisers (50)
    • 22 Mira Class (CzM)
    • 17 Nucha Class (CzN)
    • 11 Parde Class (CzP)
  • Frigates (45)
    • 24 Juste Class (BrJ)
    • 21 Lorice Class (BrL)
  • Battleships (40)
    • 22 Forze Class (VmF)
    • 18 Ghirre Class (VmG)

Other Vessels

  • Submarines (35)
    • 18 Unnone Class (MsU)
    • 17 Violle Class (MsV)


(Note: For sake of brevity, only battleships and submarines listed in each fleet.)

  • Northern Command - Starcano Naval Base, Vilònorda, Norden
    • First Fleet - Starcano Naval Base, Vilònorda, Norden
      • LVS Lecarochiavalle (BrL-02) ~ flagship
      • LVS Forlicesena (VmF-03)
      • LVS Sant'Adriano (VmG-03)
      • LVS Desantorica (VmG-04)
      • LVS Píarmognazzo (MsU-03)
      • LVS Soltera (MsV-01)
      • LVS Sceicce (MsV-04)
    • Second Fleet - Mira Naval Base, Mira, grant of Valtemmira, Norden
      • LVS Thessalia (BrJ-05) ~ flagship
      • LVS Imperio (VmG-05)
      • LVS Cortel (VmG-01)
      • LVS Platonno (VmF-09)
      • LVS Dolzone (MsU-01)
      • LVS Livrenze (MsV-06)
      • LVS Covara (MsU-08)
    • Third Fleet - Pescaro Naval Base, Crebbia, grant of Frento, Norden
      • LVS Santobricco (BrL-10) ~ flagship
      • LVS Passassinella (VmG-14)
      • LVS Valdilacrime (VmF-20)
      • LVS Spiermanza (VmF-18)
      • LVS Fochiessato (MsV-15)
      • LVS Arica (MsV-16)
      • LVS Serga (MsU-15)
    • Fourth Fleet - Fiargastramo Naval Base, Fiargastramo, grant of Thessalia, Norden
      • LVS Nicoletano (CzM-04) ~ flagship
      • LVS Stellago (VmG-07)
      • LVS Redutto (VmF-07)
      • LVS Modica (VmF-05)
      • LVS La Spergamo (MsV-08)
      • LVS Marivenna (MsV-03)
      • LVS Codena (MsU-11)
  • Central Command - Citteria Naval Base, Citteria dei Mare, grant of Campedusa, Union Territories
    • Fifth Fleet - Dennillia Naval Base, Costalinno, grant of Mestagno, Norden
      • LVS Subrigaria (CzM-07) ~ flagship
      • LVS Cremone (VmG-12)
      • LVS Frostanova (VmG-11)
      • LVS Terrestriva (VmF-13)
      • LVS Trefini (MsV-05)
      • LVS Tercelli (MsU-07)
    • Sixth Fleet - Coccovado Naval Base, San Pierro di Dennillia, Norden
      • LVS Fiorgamino (BrL-08) ~ flagship
      • LVS Storrefine (VmG-16)
      • LVS Tarraca (VmG-17)
      • LVS San Nigello (VmG-18)
      • LVS Golpionno (MsU-17)
      • LVS Potti (MsV-13)
      • LVS Rucca (MsV-14)
    • Seventh Fleet - Citteria Naval Base, Citteria dei Mare, grant of Campedusa, Union Territories
      • LVS Campedusa (BrJ-06) ~ flagship
      • LVS Santelleria (VmF-04)
      • LVS Grampione (VmG-10)
      • LVS Sant'Emilla (VmF-16)
      • LVS Brugnatella (VmF-08)
      • LVS Albano (MsU-02)
      • LVS Tratagnano (MsU-06)
      • LVS Pelargone (MsU-09)
      • LVS Epiro (MsV-12)
    • Eighth Fleet - Cortosa Naval Base, Rigli, grant of Marivenna, Brutland
      • LVS Pannondrio (BrJ-10) ~ flagship
      • LVS Stampione (VmF-10)
      • LVS Chiardogna (VmG-06)
      • LVS Tonzivibbia (VmF-19)
      • LVS Pelargone (MsU-09)
      • LVS Olba (MsV-10)
    • Auxiliary Fleet - Lionense Naval Base, Golpionno, grant of Storrefine, Norden
      • LVS Marigalante (CzN-01) ~ flagship
      • LVS Borcenna (VmG-08)
      • LVS Maceltellina (VmF-15)
      • LVS Trazio (MsV-09)
  • Southern Command - Meranese Naval Base, San Colombano di Merana, grant of Merana, Brutland
    • Ninth Fleet - Meranese Naval Base, San Colombano di Merana, grant of Merana, Brutland
      • LVS Cantabrica (BrL-03) ~ flagship
      • LVS Cressanone (VmF-11)
      • LVS Brutia (VmF-02)
      • LVS Vilòrmosa (MsU-13)
      • LVS Trebba (MsU-12)
    • Tenth Fleet - Storiga Naval Base, Pordantova, grant of Palatina, Brutland
      • LVS Terrallo (BrL-05) ~ flagship
      • LVS Sperrigano (VmF-14)
      • LVS Fromesino (VmF-06)
      • LVS Capriati (VmF-12)
      • LVS Tortona (MsV-07)
      • LVS Cavese (MsV-11)
      • LVS Seppa (MsU-10)
    • Eleventh Fleet - Timberland Naval Base, Marchòcchiese, grant of Marchòcchiese, Brutland
      • LVS Palatina (BrJ-07) ~ flagship
      • LVS Brastoia (VmF-01)
      • LVS Capitanata (VmG-02)
      • LVS Terragnano (VmG-09)
      • LVS Marchòcchiese (MsU-05)
      • LVS Pennino (MsU-04)
      • LVS Torranica (MsV-02)
    • Twelfth Fleet - Imperio Naval Base, Carbonara, grant of Imperio, Brutland
      • LVS San Colombano (BrL-07) ~ flagship
      • LVS Entelbucco (VmF-17)
      • LVS San Sbaccio (VmG-13)
      • LVS Latronico (VmF-22)
      • LVS Scommagena (VmG-17)
      • LVS Montesa (MsU-18)
      • LVS Toscaria (MsU-14)


  • Academio Nava Rinna di Norden e Marchòbrutellia (ANRNM, Royal Naval Academy of Brutland and Norden) - Citteria dei Mare, grant of Campedusa, Union Territories

Anyone who had graduated high school between the age of 18-30 can enter ANRNM. They will be assigned their rank depending on their standing upon graduation.