North-West Ariddia

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North-West Ariddia
Flag of North-West Ariddia
Motto: Freedoms we do hold dear
map of North-West Ariddia
Region Uhuhland
Capital Nouvel Espoir
Official Language(s) French, English, Wymgani
Leader Second Secretary Jeremy Cohen
Population 4.8 billion
Currency Ariddian credit 
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The City of North-West Ariddia is one of the two member States of the Federation of the Ariddian Isles. It was a sovereign nation-state for over a century between 2021 and 2144.

North-West Ariddia was born when the city of Nouvel Espoir in West Ariddia unilaterally declared its independence as a new, sovereign country which intended to follow the communist principles of the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia (the PDSRA). Thus there were now three Ariddian countries, to the mixed puzzlement and amusement of the rest of the world.

North-West Ariddia's first and most immediate problem was the neighbour which entirely surrounded it, as the newborn nation was landlocked inside its capitalist sibling. West Ariddia proceded to establish a demilitarised zone around the city and its suburbs, a well guarded border, until diplomatic relations between the two countries were eventually established.

North-West Ariddia consists solely in the city of Nouvel-Espoir and its nearest suburbs, and the country's most serious problem in recent years has been overpopulation, which the North-West Ariddians have attempted to deal with both by moving to Ariddia or West Ariddia, and by expanding their city... underground.

After having, for a long time, faithfully duplicated the Ariddian socio-economic model, the city-state (led by Jasmina Wu) began to forge its own unique way, and has re-authorised private enterprise, to a limited degree and within the guidelines of strict regulations. This measure was met with disapproval by Ariddia, but it has enabled North-West Ariddia to redress its slumping economy, and to combine growing economic stability with strong social rights and environmental policies.

Around 2140, North-West Ariddia and the PDSRA began serious talks to contemplate reunification. The issue had previously been rejected by the North-West Ariddian authorities, but leader Jeremy Cohen proved sympathetic - backed by a majority of the City-State's public opinion. An agreement was reached whereby North-West Ariddia would retain self-government, with its own Cabinet and Parliament, and reunification was achieved in 2144.

The head of State bears the title of 'Second Secretary', whereas the leader of the Federation is titled 'Prime Secretary'.

International codes

International Codes
Internet code:.nwa
Sports' code:NWA
Telephone dialing code:96

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