North Cadia

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Semper Invicta

The Armed States of
North Cadia
Flag of North Cadia
National motto:

"Upon the Earth and Among the stars!"

National anthem:

Davio Kruschevii

Region The Serenade
Capital Cadian City
Largest City Prassus
Population 3 billion Approx
Suffrage 18 Universal
Official Language(s) Cadian, English
Federal President, Emperor
Corrupt Dictatorship
Conrad Kruschev
Circa 5000 B.C.
ISO Nation Code NCCK
Currency Universal Credit (UNICRED)
Time Zone
 • Summer (DST)
Internet TLD .ncck, .nc, .hdmck
Calling Code +9909
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

Football (Soccer)
Red Rose
UN Status Member
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North Cadia is an ancient and immense nation. There are few places in geographical proximity that have not felt the wieght of this nation's influence, which spreads far and wide across the world of NS, no-one is entirely sure how many nations and regions North Cadia has been involved with, but it is clear that this empire has spread far accross the rolling plains of the world.


North Cadia's Emperor, Conrad Kruschev holder of the nobel peace prize and many other titles. North Cadia has close links with the nation Trodenhiem who's holy emperor's had the same ancestory as Conrad. Conrad Kruschev is a man of many talents, he is a successful leader in finance, economy and diplomacy, forging many alliances and building with his associates a strong region to be proud of.

Historic Overview

North Cadia was originally a small Duchy that was a part of the Great Traijan Empire, ruled by the family of Kruschev, who ruled as Vassals of the Traijan Emperor.


North Cadia, as the name implies, was once a part of a far larger vassal of the Traijan Empire, called Cadia. Cadia was once a proud warrior kingdom, ruled in a typically despotic way by a Barbarian King, they managed to repel the forces of the Traijan Empire until circa 220 B.C. when the last king fell in battle without a male heir, and the Kingdom crumbled.

Following the invasion the people of Cadia were periodically enslaved and murdered, leading to the infamous Cadian rebellion in circa 200 B.C. in which over 40,000 people died, mostly Traijan. However the rebellion was crushed, and the Cadia people exterminated. The survivors fled into the northern Steppes, where they developed a new culture of horse warriors, and planned their revenge.

In 12 A.D. a vast horde of some 200,000 horse riding nomads rode out of the north and attacked the Traijan provinces of Krall and Nordet, the battles were bloody, but the horde was victorious, and it emmerged that these were the remnants of the Cadian people risen from the ashes. They rode for Cadia and burnt, plundered and pillaged as they went, sacking city after city, slaughtering thousands of Traijan people.

The horde finally reached Cadia in the winter of 15 A.D. having destroyed the northern sections of the Traijan Empire, leaving nothing but a desolate waste behind them. Here they fought against the Traijan 1st Legion, the fighting elite of the Traijan Empire. Though victorious the horde had suffered heavy losses, and agreed to stop their agression. In exchange the lands of Cadia would be theirs to rule by themselves under the Traijan Emperor.

The system worked and over the next six hundred years or so the Cadian people flourished, retaining their culture, religion and soldiery, they proved a powerful addition to the Traijan army, however when in 623 A.D. differences of opinion arose within the lands of Cadia, the land was divided.

The seperation began with massive levels of violence between the Kruschev and Kutsar families, two of the three ruling families of Cadia. They lead small armies against each other time and time again as they fought for control of Cadia, finally at the request of the Theolar family the Traijan army split the land in three, North Cadia ruled by the Kruschev Family, South Cadia by the Kutsars and the Central area (now known as Cadianites) by the Theolars.

The rivalry between the two families continued and after the Kutsars lead an army through Cadianites and caused considerable damage there the Theolars allied themselves with the Kruschevs and cast the Kutsars out in force. The Kutsars then became warrior nomads and fled south, out of the sights of the Traijan Empire.

Progression Of the Warrior Race

So Cadia was now largely ruled by the Kruschevs, and became known as North Cadia, while Cadianites, surrounded on all sides by the North Cadian holdings became a religious centre of the Cadian People.

In 1082 A.D. the Traijan Empire collapsed under the pressure of constant war with their neighbours, and North cadia was now a free entity. The Kruschev Family installed themselves as Kings rather than just Dukes of the Cadian lands, and their ambitions were sparked all of a sudden by the realisation that the lands around them were no longer protected by mighty armies. They worked quickly and built a fierce army, made largely of cavalry, most famously the Motillars, mounted weapon masters, wielding light but deadly sabres, two handaxes, a composite bow, bowgun and javelin. Their infantry was made up of sturdy spearmen with tower shields and spears. This combination proved highly effective and the Kruschev family proclaimed themselves Emperors as the conquered all of the former Western Traijan Empire.

They continued to conquer and in 1544 A.D. they had surpassed the Traijan Empire in land area, indeed the Imperial City of Traijan was now a city State surrounded by North Cadian holdings. Still the North cadians set their eyes abroad and crushed the East Cadians, a spinoff faction of the South Cadiansm in the Eastern Tundras.

Birth of Modern Day North Cadia

This steady expansion, both at home and abroad in far away places continued until 2002 A.D. when Emperor Conrad XVIII formed his own army and seized total control of the Empire forming the Militocratic Commonwealth. He then lead this army and formed an Empire of his own, which he named the Kruschevan Empire.

North Cadia firmly established itself as a world power with its invasion of the Federation of Allied Nations, UNFR, Federal Oregon as well as their defeat of the Trodonian Empire.

Current Affairs

North Cadia is currently ruled by Federal President, Emperor Conrad Kruschev, who is one of North Cadia's greatest rulers. In more recent times North Cadia participated in and won the Trodoneo-Cadian War and helped Federal Trodenhiem during the 1st Promethiun War.

Dismemberment of the Cadian States

Following North Cadia's move to the Federation of Allied Nations the massive overseas Cadian Empire was dismembered. However North Cadia and The Kruschevan Empire, now reside in The Serenade, and are both successful and powerful nations.