Northern Bettia

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Northern Bettia
Flag of Northern Bettia
Motto: You're Going Home in a F**king Ambulance
Map of Bettia, Northern Bettia & Morgrugyn
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Anyuna
Official Language(s) English
Leader High General Gwrlais Devanallt
Population Approx 1.5 billion
Currency Groat (غ)(G:) 
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Northern Bettia's location within Atlantian Oceania

Although officially one nation, Northern Bettia is essentially two; a nation of humans above ground, and a massive colony of giant ants below. Following a period of major upheaval, this is something of a transitional period for the people of this colony as they seek to rebuild their nation.


Little is known about Northern Bettia's past history up until the Blessed Realm of Bettia became forcibly involved in its affairs. From what little information that can be garnered, Northern Bettia wasn't even a nation in the true sense of the word, being nothing more than a large number of nomadic tribes eking out an existence in a lawless land. This peaceful life was shattered when the land was suddenly and brutally taken by the Paramilitary Instigators of Secular Society (PISS), a terrorist organisation seeking the eradication of all religious institutions within Bettia and eventually the world as a whole.

Using this land as a base and the lands to the north of Bettia as a launchpad for their insidious plans to overthrow the Bettian government, they threatened to destroy all football pitches in the nation by using their genetically engineered army of giant ants to tunnel underneath and generally make a right mess of them. However, they hadn't reckoned on Gwrlais Devanallt, who at the time was playing international football for Bettia in the national stadium when one such invasion occured. Using his knowledge of the ants' language (which he learnt at Grappenhall University whilst studying for his degree in dumb animal communications), he was taken to the ant queen who he eventually managed to persuade to turn against their masters. With the help of the Bettian armed forces, they were able to rout the terrorists in a surprise attack, and in doing so liberate the oppressed natives above ground.

So grateful were they, they allowed the Bettian government to incorporate their nation as a colony of Bettia, and adopted the rather tenuous name of Northern Bettia out of gratitude due to the fact that their land was located somewhere to the north of their tropical master nation.

That tenuous link was made into something a lot more credible when the government of Bettia, angered by their apparent attempt to steal the Glimmung in order to harness the Oneiromancer and use it to increase the nation's power, ordered them to relocate to Atlantian Oceania so they could keep closer tabs on them.

The People

Before their liberation, Northern Bettians were a splintered group whose only loyalty was to their particular tribe. After the tumultuous events of the past few years, the people of Northern Bettia have become unbreakably united and regard protecting their nation as a top priority, with a very large proportion of them enlisting in the resident Bettian armed forces. As this has quickly became ingrained on their culture, Northern Bettians have been known to be violent as they hone their fighting skills at every opportunity. A deal has been recently reached with the authorities in the Holy Empire of Alasdair I Frosticus to enable the military to use the alternative dimension known as Fluffy Bunny World as a training camp.

Their football fans quickly gained a reputation for hooliganism, forcing many a foreign policeman to earn their money the hard way.

The people of Northern Bettia are now fiercely loyal to their nation, their liberators, and their new allies within The Home of the Fearless - in fact, they love nothing better than to aid their regional allies on their military campaigns through their Kimochinohana regiment, which remains in The home of the fearless as a satellite nation.


Due to the nefarious activities of PISS, much of Northern Bettia's natural resources were ravaged, with many open spaces and forests bulldozed to make way for a myriad of open cast mines, power stations, military bases and urban developments, all built under slave labour. As a result, much of its original greenery has disappeared, large tracts of landscape has been scarred and air pollution has been a problem, although the government is going to great lengths to reverse the damage.


At present, Northern Bettia is governed as a de facto military dictatorship under the stewardship of High Gen. Gwrlais Devanallt, the man regarded as the founder of the new state. However, it is planed in future that the colony will adopt the decentralised system of government used in Bettia, where regional assemblies are directly elected. From these regional assemblies, two people will be chosen to represent their region in the Shura (Council), with the leader also sitting on the Grand Shura of Bettia.

Unlike Bettia however, Northern Bettia is run as a secular state as the people aren't in the least bit religious.


At present, only football is played in this fledgling nation, with a national league is due to start soon.

The national football squad (nicknamed the Fire Ants) have already met with a great deal of success, winning the inaugural Fearless League before going on to win the prestigious Baptism of Fire trophy, just as Bettia did many years ago.

The Fire Ants have quickly gained a reputation as dirty cheats thanks to their unique style of play, dubbed System Obani after the team's manager, in which they attempt to gain the upper hand by reducing the number of opponents on the field, either through injury or more suitably through getting them sent off by any means necessary, whether it be through play acting, diving, or even attempting to bribe the referee. It has been found that these tactics can be quite effective as they have beaten a number of higher-ranked teams this way, although when this system fails, it fails spectacularly.