Northwind Palace

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The Northwind Palace is the seat of the Grand Ducal Parliament, housing both the Duma and the Senate. It consists of three parts, with each dating from a different time. The Central part was constructed in 1057 AS already by Grand Duke Mikhail I to house the Council of Vigvar, the legislative body of the High Duchy of Vigvar and Amalor.

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An aerial view of the back of the Northwind Palace.
</div>Over time, two wings were added to the building to suit the needs of the Council. During the Grand Duke’s administrative reform, the local monarchies were abolished and the High Duchy became the Fiefdom of Vigvar and Amalor, with the Council gaining further powers. The building also came to house the Council of Duchy, which shared it with the Fiefdom Council. The situation remained unchanged until the Plague erupted.

During the Federal era, the Second Administrative Reform happened, which, among other things, separated the then singe Fiefdom of Vigvar and Amalor into two separate Fiefdoms. The Council of Vigvar and Amalor was, thus, abolished, along with the Council of Duchy, and the building was granted to the Council of Vigvar.

After the return of Grand Duke Mikhail II and the subsequent restoration of the Grand Duchy, the new Constitution created a new bicameral legislative body. The Grand Duke granted it the use of Northwind Palace, moving the Fiefdom Council to another building.

The barracks of the Parliamentary Guard are located right across the street from the Northwind Palace.