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The Not Bored! Economists and Accountants Collective is an economic policy analysis collective based in Free Soviets. Within the federation it is a well respected group often called upon by many of the major productive collectives, as well as the Federation Soviet, to collect and analyze various bits of economic data in order to allow better usage of resources. Internationally it is known mainly for its reports on economic development within the International Fair Trade Agreement and the Coalition of Anti-Capitalist Economies. It is also responsible for popularizing an organizational system of breaking down the various economic levels nations can be ranked as into five economic brackets or quintiles. This system is immensely useful when dealing with aggregate data and long term trends as it tends to minimize the effects of short term fluctuations while maintaining an accurate and complete account of the acual data.

Not Bored!'s most internationally recognizable figure is Thaddeus Popov (pictured below with colleague Megan da Costa at the Fourth International Conference of Anti-Capitalist Economies - 4CACE - in Lhijir, the capital city of Xikuang). He often serves as the collective's primary spokeperson at events and meetings outside of Subcontinental Aperin, and can fairly regularly be seen in the collective's secondary office in Glasburgh, Celdonia.