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Nova Norway
Regional forum NN's forum
Official languages English and Norwegian
Founder Jing-Jang
 • Prime Minister
 • Minister of Foreign Affairs
 • Minister of the Interior
 • Minister of Defence
 • Minister of Production
 • Minister of Education
 • Minister of Social Affairs
 • UN Delegate

Waffel SS
Cape North
Founded April 14. 2007
 • Sept. 16. 2007

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Nova Norway (abbreviation; NN) was created by RuneScape 2007's puppet nation called Jing-Jang at April 14. 2007. The region is democratic, and the name reflect that the region's political system is based at the real Norwegian one. The region is open for everyone, and doesn't have any political ideology.


Nova Norway was created because of conflicts and trouble in Norway. The founder of Norway (Lowtax) didn't let the region's elected primeminister and UN-delegate (Gunfreak) the regional control, and then the region got problems. When Gunfreak had choiced a government, he couldn't annonce the result at the regional factbook entry, and he couldn't write in the adress of the regional forum. After some days, one of Norway's nations made the region Nova Norway with Gunfreak as primeminister. Within the same day, many nations (including the whole government) moved to Nova Norway, and Norway's old forum was decleard as the region's official forum.


Nova Norway's forum was - as said before - Norway's forum in the beginning. To vote, the voters have to be registred at the forum, and nobody can vote with telegrams in NationStates. This is the get the citizen to be more active. The forum got three (in fact) official languages: Norwegian (bokmål), Norwegian (nynorsk) and English. The most used language is Norwegian (bokmål).

Political system

Nova Norway is democratic, and the supereme leader is the primeminister, not a president as in many other regions. The largest nations registred at the forum is organizied in the Council of Security (COS). Until the parlimentarism was created, COS controlled all politics of NN, today it controlls these affairs:

  • War/defence
  • Intelligence
  • Constitutional politics


Main article: Political parties in Nova Norway

Nova Norway has several parties (sorted by number of members):

The Conservative Party
The Neutral Party
The Centre Party
The Farmer's Union, former "The Progressive Party"
Democratic Left-Party, former "The Communist Party"
Independent Politicans

There is also a National Front including two parties; the Farmer's Union and Independent Politicans.


The constitution is not ready yet, but the current government is working on it.


See List of governments in Nova Norway

Foreign Affairs

Nova Norway has diplomatic realations and alliances with Free Land of Monarchy and Forgotten Prussia. Both are friendship alliances made to better Nova Norway's relations to other regions. The region was also allied with two former regions.

Nova Norway is a member of the inter-regional defence organization Confederacy of Free Regions (COFR).

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