Nova Roma

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Nova Roma
Flag of Nova Roma
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Nova Roma
Official Language(s) Latin
Leader Tiberivs Tyrannvs Traianvs
Population Censvs pending
Currency Denarivs 
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The History of Nova Roma

  Euripides of Apollonivs

XXII FEBRVARIVS MMDCCLVIII AVC, Nova Roma, Nova Roma, Imperial Archives.

The Beginnings

I sit here now, relating to you the history of Nova Roma, while bombing runs can be heard in the distance. The war is not going well. The Romans have lost nearly their entire population to a nuclear attack by Lamoni. Their radiation teams will no doubt be able to clean up the radioactive mess in a few years, but the problem is getting out of this place.

So far, the eternal city itself has yet to be hit. Lamoni is staying away from here, most likely because the defenses are strongest. The Mars and Ivppiter defense grids around the city are still fully functional and no fool would attempt to get into the way of that kind of firepower. The Romans have not lost, but rumors of surrender are permeating throughout the city. I doubt the Imperator would surrender. A cease-fire, yes. But surrender? That goes against every grain of Roman society. The Romans are proud... but obstinate. This leads me into the discussion as to why they are such.

The Rome of old never truly fell. Its laws, language, customs, technology, etc. all lived on through the centuries. But where do the Nova Romans come in, you ask? Roman conquest spread from the island of the Britons far east to the lands of the ancient Babylonians. Roman legions could never always be near a town or heavily populated area; in fact, the legions (per order of Avgvstvs) were stationed constantly at the borders, far away from any of large Roman cities; if anything happened to them, Rome wouldn't know about it for weeks. Several Roman legions however, were lost to Roman records, they weren't defeated. They simply never returned to Rome or any Roman outpost. A myriad of Roman towns also disappeared over the centuries. In total 5 Roman legions disappeared, and over 40 cities worth of inhabitants of the Italian peninsula vanished.

Two millennia later those lost Romans reappeared on an island in the Atlantian Oceania region when only a few knew of the region's existence. This limited knowledge of the region gave the Romans time to rebuild and acquaint themselves with the modern world. The ever neutral nation of Vilita provided the Romans with an infrastructure to work on and supplied them with adequate supplies to get back on their feet. Luckily, the Romans had a reincarnation of the great Avgvstvs Caesar with them: a child going by the name of Tyrannvs Traianus Siricvs.

At first, the Senate had been experimenting with different types of economic systems. Eventually, they settled on laissez-faire capitalism as being the most efficient. The country flourished, the population boomed, technological advancements were outpacing others in the region and the Roman military was at its pinnacle of success. Then spies from Nojika infiltrated a Roman research facility. They were neutralized and tension between the two nations grew. War was finally declared on Nojika when 20,000 people were killed by a nerve agent in a Roman Colossevm.

The war was never clearly in any one side's favor; the Roman senate, however, decided to destroy the AORDO high command with the new orbital weapon system LVCIFER. The weapon was fired and the Vilitan city of Lopinka was destroyed. Unfortunately this move had no real effect on the AORDO command chain. What the weapon did do was force the pathetic nation of Tachbe to panic. Countless diplomatic and military blunders lead to the glassing of the island of Tachbe. The LVCIFER system destroyed the capital city and the rest of the island was obliterated by nuclear weaponary by AORDO and other nations in the region.

The Fall

A cease-fire between Nojika and Nova Roma was signed and the region returned to peace. Corruption in Nova Roma reached an all time high as the economy boomed and reaped the spoils of war. Divorce rates increased dramatically, the crime rate skyrocketed, pirates harassed countless freighters and ships, the military was spread entirely too thing, the standard of living started to falter, and Nova Roma was no longer the nation it once was. The Lvdvs Magnvs no longer churned out enlightened thinkers and writers; it no longer sent its finest scientists across the region to research the latest theory; instead, it closed its doors to all and permanently shut down.

Many could see there was a problem with the nation. The senators, however, could not. Unfortunately, they had just been voted back into power right after the war; it would be another three years before they could be voted out. Young Siricvs (who would later go by Tyrannvs and even later, Trajan) however, a man now in his early twenties, was slowly rising through the political ranks. From the Lvdvs Magnvs he graduated magna cum laude. Ranked first in his class of 400 he easily found a government job as an Aedile; a lowly financial clerk. From there, he rose to the rank of Qvaestor, one of three men in charge of the financial records and transactions of Nova Roma. As a Qvaestor he was in the position to make significant changes to Roma. Reporting directly to the senate, he proposed the nation enter an isolationist state. Siricvs convinced the senators that not only would this keep Nova Roma out of any further wars but it would also make them filthy rich from increased trade. The senators bought it and soon Nova Roma was isolated from Atlantian Oceania affairs.

Internally, Siricvs rose through the ranks of the political ladder until he reached the position of Consvl, one of two men in control of much of the political doings and the military of Nova Roma. From here, the spirit of Avgvstvs took over.

The Rise

Siricvs began a series of reforms. As Consvl he could propose anything to the senate, not just issues regarding financial concerns. He proposed that they charter a small cruise off the coast of Lamoni where they could visit some of the outlying provinces and give them encouragement. They fell for his trap again and within a week were sailing in the calm seas of the South Cove. Using the denarii he saved over the years, Siricvs paid several terror cells within Lamoni to rig a yacht with explosives and destroy the senators' ship. The terrorists agreed to the deal and several days later a massive explosion off the coast of Lamoni killed all 300 of the Roman senators.

From here, Siricvs was in an optimal position to snatch up leadership of Nova Roma. He had the other Consvl assassinated; he traveled to all of the provinces gaining support from the people (and bribed many senators whom he knew would win). Control of the military did no good if the military didn't favor him, so Siricvs traveled to the many military bases and outposts to gain support of the troops. From there, he began spreading rumors that Lamoni was responsible for the massacre of the senators. The troops bought it and began spreading the lie.

His goals accomplished, Siricvs returned to Nova Roma to await the inauguration of the senators. As luck had it, all the senators Siricvs predicted to win, did. These senators however, were open-minded and most importantly, reform-minded. They voted in a series of changes that would restore the nation to its former glory. The abolishment of social welfare and security, taxes were slashed, laws were enacted that made it harder to divorce, more funding was pumped into the education system, the Lvdvs Magnvs was reopened, and the nation itself got rid of its isolationist policy. Of course, the senators didn't think of all these reforms themselves. They had a little help, and in some cases a little prodding, from Siricvs.

The populace went crazy after the reforms worked perfectly. The economy stopped stagnating and boomed once again, divorce rates dropped, the improved education system lead to higher test scores, crime dropped as all forms of drugs were legalized and sign-up rates to the military increased exponentially as a rumor of a war against Lamoni swept through the air.

The senators eventually had to give credit where credit was due, the announced to the public that they were going to crown Siricvs king of Nova Roma and give him complete control of the nation, as he was the one that thought of the reforms. The people went nuts when they learned that a single (handsome) man had brought so much to Nova Roma.

A week later, the crowning was being televised on national television and just as the crown was about to placed on Siricvs' head, he pushed it away and announced to his people that he couldn't accept such an honor. The senators pleaded with him and finally they agreed on one thing. They would grant him complete control of the nation with his title being Imperator, the senate would be kept but would act more as an advisory council than a decision making body.

Finally Siricvs was where he wanted to be. It was from here that a state of war was declared on Lamoni.

The War

After some diplomatic rambling, war was declared on Lamoni by Nova Roma and the Societas. AORDO, seeing nothing could be done to stop the war, attempted to prevent anyone else from joining in on it. THS, Lamoni, Fmjphoenix, Emagol, Ainorpisp and Chacor allied together against the Societas, the alliance of Nova Roma, Nojika, Abattoir, and Xile. The rest of the region stayed out, profiting off the sale of war goods to either side. The Lvcifer was used on a THS base, but several years of inactivity, inadequate maintenance and little calibration to its orbit, lead it to misfire and burn up in the atmosphere. The real start of the war, however, was initiated when the Romans launched a stealth bombing run against Lamonian LADAR facilities. From there the war turned into an exchange of cruise missiles and tank shells.

At the Lamoni/NR border, Lamonian hover tanks broke through the Roman defenses, of course this was allowed to happen because the Societas had a bigger plan in mind. They let the Lamonian forces push them all the way to the channel, but the secret weapon still wasn't ready. Unfortunately, a Societan victory hinged on the success of the weapon and the war wasn't going very well. Lamoni had pushed some extremely effective offensives, offensives that the Societas hadn't expected. Nova Roma was doing most of the fighting; the other members of the alliance took their time getting into position. However, as soon as they did the battle moved into the favor of the Societan nations. Nojikan forces reinforced the front lines and their navy pounded the Lamonian shores. The Roman and Abattoirian air forces landed very successful bombing runs against the Lamonian infrastructure and the Roman and Xilian ground forces slowly bored their way under the channel between Nova Roma and Lamoni and emerged in the southwestern part of Lamoni, the secret weapon had gone unnoticed. The war was going extremely well for the Societas by this time, but an unexpected move by the Lamonians brought it all crashing down.

The Strike

The Romans still don't know whether it was a last ditch move on which the Lamonians based all their chances for winning, or if it was a brilliant tactical strike planned even before the war. Either way the results were horrible. Over one billion Romans lay dead after the Lamonian attack: tactical nukes placed strategically throughout Nova Roma's largest cities. The popular theory is that the Lamonians inserted as many as five strike teams into Nova Roma after the Lamonians broke through on the western coast. From there, the teams split up and planted nukes in the main cities, after that, the Romans believe that the strike teams met up near the city of Nova Roma and they all converged on it to take it down.

Unfortunately, that mission never came close to succeeding. Word of the strike teams had already reached the ears of the Imperator by the time they had gotten outside of Nova Roma and the city's lights were cut. A risk was taken to shut down the Mars and Ivppiter defense grids to allow the strike teams into the city. Apparently the Lamonian strike teams failed miserably as the next day their bodies were being displayed all over the city. Obviously the handiwork of the Praetorians. Too late, however, were the strike teams stopped as nuclear explosions rocked Nova Roma.

The only survivors were those in rural communities or those living in the city of Nova Roma itself. The Lamonians did an excellent job with their tactical nukes. Fallout was nearly non-existent, but the nukes didn't need fallout to kill anybody, they had already done their job.

The Aqvila

Have the Romans lost the war? The answer is no. As they have done before, the Romans will rebuild. As I said earlier, they are an obstinate people. Most likely they will wage another war in the future, they may win, or they may lose. Either way, they will keep on with their way of life. The explosions are growing dimmer now; perhaps Lamoni is packing up and leaving. Who knows? I think they have humiliated these Romans enough, a cease-fire or treaty of any sort would just further embarrass these proud fools.

I move now to the window of the archives. What do I see? Ruins, not in the city itself but below it. Situated on seven hills, it is easy to see down below into the valleys and far beyond the eternal city. Ruins, smoldering ruins. Smoke rising from every direction. A red haze in the sky, most likely the effect of the thousands of explosions shaking the very foundations of the island. But I look just over to the temple of Ivppiter, and from the highest dome on that temple I see perched, the Roman national bird, the Aqvila, the eagle.

What a sight, as it lifts its wings and soars far above the truly eternal city of Nova Roma. What a pleasant sight, in such troubled times.

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