Number 13

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Unknown, commonly refered to as "Number XIII"
ca. 15, true age unknown
Race / Species:
Tiberian Destiny

Number 13 is the name the self-declared Emperor of Tiberian Destiny gave to himself when first appearing to Nod forces. Number 13, a Psionic, has since rallyed Nod forces from all over the world around him and created the pseudo-empire known as Tiberian Destiny around the north american town of Philadelphia, which was destroyed during a Tiberium meteor shower soon after the initial meteor shower went down in Italy.


Although never clarified, it is most likely that Number 13 was born in Philadelphia and, as a teenager, was infected with Tiberium on the day the meteor fell on the city. GDI forces then took him and performed experiments on him, similar to those Nod had created its cyborgs with. The experiments somehow prevented the aging process of both body and mind (which could also be the result of cryogenic freezing of the body after Number 13 was deemed dangerous), and also somehow gave the subject extreme psionic abilities, normally unseen from tiberium mutation. The influence on the mind also seems to have affected the memory of Number 13, deleting his true name and leaving him just with "Number 13", propably the serial number he was given as a research specimen.

Psionic powers

As stated above, Number 13 is a Psionic, who gained his powers from an unusual mutation caused by Tiberium. His powers are not limited to, but concentrating on, Telekinesis. He also seems to possess limited mind reading capabilites, being able to read accute intentions from others. He's also capable of sensing emotions around him, sometimes accompanied with bits and parts of memories he receives from those around him, if these memories are loaded with intense emotions. At time, he also seems very sensitive to emotions around him, accutally feeling the the emotions he senses as if they were his own. The same goes for intense pain. Then again, he sometimes influences the emotions of those around him when feeling an intense emotion (which once led to an entire division of Nod soldiers going berzerk and killing each other), but this can't be called real mind-control, since it is no way to control a persons distinct actions, and the ability itself cannot be controlled by Number 13. It also seems like Number 13's Telekinetic powers grow exponentially together with the degree of mutation inside his body. His emotion-reading capabilities seem to grow too, making him ever more sensitive to the emotions around him, acctually more and more decapacitating him, since he can't feel for himself anymore. This may also have led to his adiction to Eye Candy.

Health Report

Due to the progressing physiological deformations caused by the Tiberium mutation, Number 13 frequently needs surgery and other medical treatment, which is carried out by the ruthless scientist cartell known as the "Doctorate Trio", which agreed to work inside the country for the extraordinary opportunity to do extensive research on tiberium life. During these phases of treatment, which over time are necessary more often, Seth is in control of the country. To relieve him from the pain and mental disorders caused by his growing psionic abilities and propably the disturbing experiences made in the situation as such, Number 13 has also apparently become addicted to the drug known as Eye Candy. He also seems to be somewhat affected by delusions de grandeur at times, then again, behaving like a wimpying child.


"Aaargh...the light of god! The god I wanted to become! The god, that now slays me! Was it Tiberium that led me here, or was it always... just my heart!?"

During a phasis of depression, when observing the impact of GDI's orbital-based Ion Cannon and receiving the pain and suffering of the soldiers killed by the weapon.

"Behold... the power of a god - my powers! The hateed reign of the GDI, the GDI that betrayed you, that killed your mothers and brothers, the reign of said GDI will be coming to an end!"

During a phasis of delusions de grandeur, when cheering about the recent alliance with Magic Sorcery.

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