Nuriyah bint Rashad Khadhim

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Nuriyah Khadhim
federal head of State
Prime Secretary

Nuriyah bint Rashad Khadhim is the current head of State of the Federation of the Ariddian Isles. She was previously leader of the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia.

Khadhim was born in the Ariddian city of Espérence, in a predominantly Wymgani (Indigenous Ariddian) area. She herself is of mixed Arab, Wymgani and Caucasian descent, and is legally an Indigenous citizen. Due to Ariddian legislation, the area she grew up in was subject to Wymgani customary laws. Khadhim entered politics at the age of 20, joining the Democratic Communist Party even as she continued studies in politics and environmental management at Espérence University.

At the age of 27, Khadhim was elected to the Wehela Iolih (Indigenous Parliament). Five years later, she was appointed as a junior diplomat to the Ariddian embassy in Errinundera, then, two years after that, to Ariddia's embassy in Knootoss. She remained there six months before being asked to join the Council of Secretaries as Assistant Secretary for the Environment. Her skill soon saw her promoted to the rather vague position of Secretary without Portfolio; she attended Council meetings, and, due to her talent and experience as a diplomat, greeted foreign dignitaries alongside the Prime Secretary.

A few months later, the 80-year-old Aj Ud suffered a mild heart attack, and the Council, with the approval of the People's Prime Parliament, chose Khadhim as temporary head of state. She was, at that time, 36 (see photo).

Two years later, in 2114, Ud's eighth term as Prime Secretary came to an end, but he was re-elected for another five years. Khadhim continued to exercise most of the functions of a head of State, and was eventually elected Prime Secretary in 2119.

Upon being elected, she also took over the function of President of Uhuhland for two and a half months, completing her country's rotational Presidency of the Uhuhland Council. During her brief term as head of the Council, she continued the policies begun by President Ud. Obtaining the Uhuhland presidency again in 2124, this time for six months, she was able to implement important social and environmental legislation.

Khadhim was re-elected Prime Secretary in 2124, 2129, 2134 and 2139.

In 2144, she was elected first ever Prime Secretary of the newborn Federation of the Ariddian Isles, the production of political reunification between the PDSRA and North-West Ariddia.

Khadhim is not married, but lives with her consort, Aurélien Dumont. They have a daughter, Fahimah. Khadhim speaks Wymgani, French, English, Arabic and Dutch. Politically, she is seen as a "safe" choice by the Party, as she believes strongly in its ideals. She has spoken up repeatedly about the "inalianable right of all peoples to decent living conditions" and against "the intolerable perversity which has people believe that the right to senseless profit should somehow be more important than the right to life itself". She is a strong advocate of social rights, a firm believer in the importance of education, and a committed environmentalist - beliefs and priorities which she shares with her predecessor.

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Preceded by:
Aj Ud
Ariddian Prime Secretary

2119 - 2144

Succeeded by:
position abolished
Preceded by:
position created
Ariddian IslesPrime Secretary

2144 - present

Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Aj Ud
President of Uhuhland
May 14, 2119 – July 31, 2119
Succeeded by:
Christelle Zyryanov
Preceded by:
President of Uhuhland
Jan. 1, 2124 – July 31, 2124
Succeeded by:
Eric Pétillon