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Nusheld (NOOSH-eld) is the capital city of Iansislean Gallaga. Like most cities in the Iansislean parts of the world, the exact population of Nusheld is not currently known. However, it is estimated to be one of the largest cities in Gallaga and at least as large as Ianapalis. Most of the population live in the slums surrounding the city and work in textile or other manufacturing plants, though the wealthy (and Shieldian) parts of the population live in splendor in the historic town center.

Nusheld is a corruption of ‘New Shield,’ the name for the East Gallaga Company’s original trading post in Gallaga. New Shield is still used to refer to the city in formal terms, such as the ‘President of the New Shield’ (also the Governor-General and Viceroy of Iansislean Gallaga) or the ‘Council of the New Shield.’

The city was also the site of the Battle of Nusheld, the first major Iansislean victory against Chiang Maï. Following the bloody victory and having mobilized a sense of nationalism in the Gallagan people against a (different) foreign invader, Iansisle slowly ground the Chiangese back out in a series of counteroffensives. Early and incorrect reports that the city had fallen led to the fall of Antonio de Carlonia’s Liberal government and the instillation of the conservatives under Edward Tarriff.